Video: Caltrain Surprise Wedding Proposal

We just found Aaron’s rot-your-teeth-sweet wedding proposal on Caltrain! Aaron and Maggie actually first met on Caltrain in 2008. To propose to his special lady, Aaron packed a Caltrain car full of their friends and family for a super sweet surprise.

From Aaron: “After a month of scheming and trying to come up with an innocuous excuse for Maggie to ride on Caltrain, she decided to have a “Craft Day” with her painting buddies. Little did she know we had crafted another plan…

I had assembled friends and family to help celebrate my proposal to Maggie on Caltrain. At the 22nd St San Francisco station, we all began to sing “We Are Young” by Fun as Maggie boarded the car…”

The rest, as they say, is in the YouTube video!

  1. Laura

    Basically this is the most adorkable thing I’ve ever seen. Yes, I used the word adorkable.


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