Muni Playlist Ninja Strikes Again!

muni play list 2
Photo by itsrexmanningday

The Muni Playlist Ninja strikes again! We found the first “Priority Mail” play list last summer, but @itsrexmanningday on Instagram just found another play list on Muni, this time featuring more hip hop and a classical surprise at the end.

Muni Playlist Ninja wants you to listen to:

Nice touch with Wu-Tang there, Muni Play List Ninja.

Check out the first play list we found. Same label, same hand writing, and the same insistent tone. Whoever’s making these play lists, I salute you.

muni play list
Photo by dahveed76

Put your headphones and listen to the first playlist here.

  1. Colin

    there’s also one of these in the bathroom at the Plug & Play Club up at Bush & Polk. all I remember from the list is that it contains an Arctic Monkeys track, and below it someone wrote in huge letters “FUCK THE ARCTIC MONKEYS”. so that’s pretty great.

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