Vacuum Ad on Muni Is a Little Too Real

pet hair

Muni riders Markus and Steve noticed an interesting advertisement tactic on Muni the other day. From Markus:

Saw this what looks to be ambient advertising piece on the L train today. Pretty good stuff. A cat hair vacuum I think?

A real ad from Miele, or does this mark the return of juvenile guerilla ads on Muni?

  1. GG

    The Dyson “The Animal” model will always be the gold standard of animal hair vaccuums. I got mine when I was living with 2 dogs and 2 cats in a house that had wall-to-wall carpeting. The results were *AMAZING*. Totally worth the price.

    • eugenia

      I am totally registering for that for my birthday!

  2. Tofu

    I don’t know if I’d buy the vacuum, but I might be tempted by ads for puke absorbing sawdust.

    • eugenia

      Useful in lots of party situations!

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