Things on Muni: You and the people you see on the bus


Because we really are all in this together, folks:

  • If you can’t spot the crazy person on #SFMuni, it’s you.
  • guy is getting mad cause nobody is buying his chips on the bus #munidiaries
  • It’s strange to see the #SFMuni driver wearing a bike helmet. Not making me feel good about his driving skills.
  • Girl holding tin box that reads “Human Organ.” Because we’re on #sfmuni, I really don’t doubt its contents.
  • evesdropping on advice on how to grow legal weed & how to open a co-op on #sfmuni this morning. #lifelessonsonthe49

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Photo by Jeremy Brooks

Man on Muni Safari spots rare beast 55-16th St.


Sometimes it’s what’s inside the bus that draws our attention. Occasionally, it’s something happening just outside the bus.

And then other times, it’s the bus itself. Case in point: Kyle spotted this 55-16th St. bus earlier this week, running its route, picking up passengers, all a week ahead of schedule. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

h/t Streetsblog SF: Eyes on the Street: Muni’s New 55-16th Street Line Spotted Early

Photo by Kyle

Watch this Sundance documentary of the ‘other’ 22 bus

hotel 22 joseph

A new documentary airing at Sundance and on The New York Times today chronicles the 22 VTA bus in San Jose, a 24-hour line that turns into an overnight refuge for the homeless. This unfortunate reality is something that San Franciscans know all too well, and we have even heard from long-time residents and drivers about homeless people riding public transit to keep warm. The documentary is powerful, even (or especially) without narration.

Filmmaker Elizabeth Lo is a student at Stanford and made the film about the bus route, which is known as “Hotel 22.” During the course of the evening, some of the riders get into an argument, and others mutter complaints, but the bus driver seemed unfazed and woke everyone up when they arrived in Palo Alto in the morning.

You can watch the documentary on The New York Times.

Found: The Most Cold-Blooded Muni Rider Ever

lizard charlie

This Muni passenger is named Charlie, not to be confused with Skippy the Iguana, who was previously profiled alongside the fancy people in The Wall Street Journal. Charlie is also not to be confused with that slimy “Could switching to GEICO really save you 15% or more on car insurance?” gecko.

Muni rider Ramona snapped this photo of Charlie chillin’ in the back of the 6-Parnassus. I dig his icy glaze and no-fucks-given attitude. I only hope he will forgive the number of terrible puns I couldn’t resist making at his expense.

Want more Muni portraits of the non-humanoid variety? We’ve got more cuties on Muni this way.

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