Upper, downer unite on Muni


I mean, these two could find each other many other places, as well. But this site isn’t called “Other Places Diaries” now, is it?

Muni rider Alexandra: “An upper and a downer between a muni seat and a hard place”

More Muni changes coming this month


As though to suggest that April 2015 service boosts and route name changes were merely the appetizer to this grand meal, SFMTA has announced a second course of nifty newness as part of its Muni Forward program.

SF Examiner reports:

SFMTA will increase service in a number of Muni routes, in no small part aided by a previously announced new 37 buses.

But those increases also come on the heels of another, less well-known upgrade: The restructuring of the 5-Fulton line, which will be voted on Tuesday, Sept. 1 by the SFMTA Board of Directors.

For the math- and calendar-challenged among you, September 1 is TODAY.

But wait! There’s more!

Some of the new Muni Forward changes are sporadic: The 43-Masonic will extend its route to Fort Mason, the 7X-Noriega Express will extend to The Embarcadero, and the 9R will see its service go from a sluggish 12-minute frequency to a speedy 8-minutes per bus. The K-Ingleside, 9R-San Bruno, 22-Fillmore, 21-Hayes, 43-Masonic and 24-Divisadero will all see an increase in frequency.

The changes will go into effect on Sept. 26, 2015.

Read the full Examiner story for more info.

Photo by Ian Fuller

Boar ‘heads’ home on Muni


You know what they say about riding Muni: It’s never boaring …

Via Muni rider Jim:Β “This is not a pig. It’s a boar.”Β “It’s beautiful.”

‘Salad Days’ on Muni


Sure, you’re not supposed to eat or drink on Muni. But who says you can’t prepare your meals?

Via Debi on the Muni Diaries Facebook page:

“Preparing lunch for his kid on the bus”

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