Worm Origin Story: Muni logos through the years

The Muni Worm. You know it, you love it, you live it. Wait, you live it? How does that work?

SFMTA recently posted a brief history of Muni logos dating back more than 100 years. It all sets the stage for what has become quite the iconic brand: The Muni Worm.

The 1970s brought about some major changes in our transit system and among them was a whole new redesign of Muni’s look. In 1975, the most famous Muni logo of all, the “Worm”, designed by Walter Landor, debuted with a very 70s looking “Sunset” livery, as seen here on freshly painted Flyer trolley coach 5001. […] On a side note, Landor also worked on some other perhaps even more famous designs like the Levi’s, Federal Express, World Wildlife Fund logos and a 1980s Coca-Cola redesign.

In case you doubt just how prevalent the Worm is, here are some examples:

New sweatshirt features Muni worm, your mom
Another Muni worm tattoo surfaces
Find the Muni Worm in the strangest places

Okay, now I can kinda see how you live it …

The Muni Worm is an “Only in San Francisco” thing, just like the system it represents. Join us at Muni Diaries Live this Saturday for a celebration of Muni and San Francisco. It’ll be a night of true, hilarious, weird, and sweet stories that can only happen on Muni! Grab a ticket and we’ll see you there!

Photos courtesy SFMTA

Video: Old-timey Muni buses in action

It was throwback weekend recently for Muni.

YouTube’s Party of the Third Part posted video of our friend and Muni Diaries Live favorite Driver Doug taking the wheel of one of the fleet’s 1969 buses. There’s another video of Muni Heritage Weekend, this one of the adorable boat tram, here.

Oh, Driver Doug. You’re such a consummate pro.

And because seeing him drive isn’t enough, come listen to Driver Doug dish out more rider tips and Muni driver insights this Saturday at the Elbo Room. He’ll be joined on stage by some charming and hilarious Muni storytellers. And the Muni Haiku Battle will get a surprise new twist!

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What do Muni drivers really think of you? Find out at Muni Diaries Live!

Every day, you help us document a slice of San Francisco life here on Muni Diaries. And twice a year, we bring your stories live to the stage. Come celebrate all the funny, sweet, and weird things that happen in our city at Muni Diaries Live next Saturday, Oct. 10.

For this show, we’re welcoming back Driver Doug (above), who’ll tell you what Muni drivers really think of us. At the last show, he told us about secret hand signals, tricky fare boxes, and how a Muni driver can tell whether you’re really ready to get on the bus. Get ready for even more behind-the-scenes tales from the driver’s seat.

Doug will be joined by the rest of a great lineup: storytellers Cara Tramontano, Jerry Lee Abram, Kristee Ono, and Gabriel Armstrong. And you just cannot miss a Muni haiku face-off between Baruch Porras-Hernandez and reigning champion Ronn Vigh. Musical guest Satellite High wrote an entire rap album based on Muni stories—you can’t get more San Francisco than this.

Pro tip: Unless you really love standing in hella long lines, advance tickets are the way to go.

Muni Diaries Live
Sat., Oct 10, doors: 6pm, show: 7 p.m. Tickets: $16.
Elbo Room
647 Valencia Street, San Francisco
Take Muni there: J-Church, 12, 14, 22, 33, 49, or BART: 16th or 24th St stations