‘Only on Muni’ award nominees

Photo by Daniel Hoherd

Some things really seem like they only happen on transit vehicles here in San Francisco. And here are some notable moments from the recent past …

  • Nothing says Friday like a 7 ft tall homeless man screaming about “time monsters” while shooting a toy ray gun. #sfmuni
  • Woman using a snotty tissue to hold the bus rail #zomg #cantgetmoredisgusting
  • OH on the J: Guy1:”If you didn’t see the Liberty Bell, what did you do in Philly?” Guy 2:”Picked up pretty boys, had sex.”
  • Man w/NY accent screaming into flip phone about someone who shouldn’t have first bought things at Target and Costco. #sfmuni
  • Chick in front on me on this #SFMuni #38 really feeling herself. Keeps making kissy faces at her own reflection

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Check out these amazing photos of Muni ruins

todd lappin transit ruins 2

Todd Lappin of Bernalwood photographed an amazing series of transit ruins at Muni’s Marin Division Yard. These defunct streetcars are either waiting for restoration or to be taken apart piecemeal to restore other vehicles active in the fleet, Todd writes in his Medium story. The images are spooky and stunning, and you should definitely venture over to his photo story to see more.

todd lappin transit ruins 1

t/t: the ever-wonderful CurbedSF.

May the N-Judah be with you


It’s not every day that Millennium Falcon pilot and all-around bad-ass Chewbacca rides Muni. In fact, it takes the annual Giants’ Star Wars hoorah at AT&T Park to get this Wookie on the N-Judah.

We’re guessing he’s headed toward some wretched hive of scum and villainy out in the Sunset somewhere.

Chewy was last spotted in cardboard-cutout form on Muni. Glad he left the crossbow at home this time.

Via 7×7.

This Muni cake is here to make your day

Photo by Pretty Please

Combining two of the most San Francisco things in one cake, Alison at Pretty Please Bakeshop in the Richmond whipped up this amazing Muni bus wedding cake with a big Giants ad on its side! The cake was for Lisa and her husband Mark, who met on a 1-BX Muni bus they both use to take to and from work.

Lisa told us the story of how they met. If this doesn’t encourage you to make more bus friends, I don’t know what will! (more…)