Found: A very special manspreader

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Attention, everyone: We’ve found the most special man in San Francisco! You know how we know? Look at him here on Muni: his very special, large but delicate balls need — no, we should say deserve — their own space while he reads his very special book, probably pondering especially important thoughts that only he can conjure, because he is such a special unique snowflake. How dare you suggest that he should scoot over for someone else to sit down while he is doing such important work? His universe has no time for such pedestrian ideas like kindness and courtesy, so leave this special man be!

We found this latest manspreading offender courtesy of Muni rider Jack Lakeshore on the Muni Diaries Facebook page. If you find any other special people on Muni like this guy or this equal-opportunity womanspreader, holler at us #munidiaries.

Why just stare at sea lions on Muni?

pet the bears castro muni diaries

Just when San Francisco seems really awful right now (see: Dolores Park since-quashed RSVP bullshit, this bus stop ad calling renters stupid, just about everything having to do with the SFPD), it’s good to see that we still have our sense of humor intact.

This Muni ad from the folks of the Castro Merchants reads:

Why just stare at the sea lions when you can pet actual bears?

Let’s hope they get awesome visitors, and not a gaggle of bachelorettes.

Photo via @leticiabocanegra on Instagram.

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Clickhole: ‘6 Words Of Encouragement That Helped Me Stop Bringing My Own Chair On The Bus’


Over on Clickhole today, there’s a post that struck a chord. From 6 Words Of Encouragement That Helped Me Stop Bringing My Own Chair On The Bus:

I used to bring my own folding chair on the bus, but now I don’t, and I owe it all to the good-hearted people who reassured me that it was okay not to bring a chair.

The thing that really stands out here is that, over the years, we’ve seen a fair number of chair-wielding Muni passengers.

To whit:
Strange Cargo on Muni: Wooden-Chair-Sitting Crooner (above)
Swivel chair swivels on Muni
A new-new BART seat appears on trains

The question is: After reading the inspirational post on Clickhole, will you all be able to quit bringing your own chairs on Muni and BART? Only time will tell.

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