BART’s new mobile platform

iron board BART elligson

New features are coming to BART all the time, and rider @ellingson saw one just the other day. And, er, they’re still ironing a few things out*.

In case you know this gentleman, please do let him know that an ironing board is far from the weirdest item seen on BART or Muni! At least he hasn’t needed to transport a giant roll of bubble wrap, a harp, or a mattress, for that matter.
More strange cargo on Muni this way.

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*p.s. Pun courtesy of @sparkyrobot

This dog is more civilized than most humans on Muni

dog sitting perfect muni diaries by thrifteye

How to sit gracefully: “Ease into your chair with your knees together. Keep your torso straight without leaning forward. While you will eventually cross your legs, the act of sitting down is identical to the one used for maintaining traditional ladylike posture.”*

Add: Drape your leash gently over your shoulder toward the direction of your human, taking care that there is enough room between you and his seat.

Thanks @thrifteye for this Muni moment. Here are all the amusing moments from the Muni zoo.

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*Source: Wikihow

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