Funny: Muni LOLs

With a little help from my friends on Muni


Sometimes taking the bus is just a good reality check that even strangers have your back. Here are a couple of people bringing the real world to you on Muni:

  • Super nice guy on #SFMuni pointed out MAC pop up shop as we passed cuz he noticed I was putting on MAC makeup. What a doll
  • Guy leaning into the 71: “Everyone on this bus needs to quit their job and freak out.” O.o
  • All it takes is one #SFMuni ride to raise your level of compassion or to erase it completely.
  • OH on #SFMuni: an older woman asking people, “can you give me some advice? What should I do for the rest of my life?”

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Photo by Insa Keilbach

I can’t believe it’s not Fabio on Muni


I wonder who the No. 1 most commonly mistaken celebrity in the world is. Just yesterday at lunch, I was positive that The Jinx‘s Robert Durst was a few seats down from me at the bar. No, it wasn’t him. And yes, I finished my lunch.

Muni rider and friend of Muni Diaries Stephanie sent us the photo above. Methinks this is actually Fabio himself, not a doppelganger. And I am right about this.

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What Muni and BART drivers really wanna say

Ever wonder what’s going on in the minds of the men and women at the controls of our public transit on a daily basis? Well, wonder no more.

The Atlantic’s Citylab brings us Above Average’s look behind the curtains, as it were. Pay extra special attention around 1:06.

Surely, one of the other cities they’re talking about cannot possibly be San Francisco? Okay, okay. And sorry that I called you Shirley.

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h/t Sara

‘Only on Muni’ head-scratchers


Sure, there’s a lot of weird shit you see on Muni every day. But in a separate class all by themselves are the one-offs, the things you might experience only once, but things that will leave you scratching your head and saying (out loud or to yourself), “Only on Muni, man.” Indeed.

  • these senior citizens on Muni look like they’re about to punch each other. “Why don’t you shut up,” said the bearded one
  • I don’t even know where I’m going. I got on muni and I don’t wanna get off because I’m lazy to get up.
  • On #SFMuni this morning I witnessed a really intense selfie photo-shoot…
  • This 70+ year-old guy just walked on MUNI with a huge boner tent. Good for him.
  • Saw a smashed burrito on the floor of the 45. Poured out some imaginary salsa for the fallen homie. #RIP

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Photo by David Lytle