Funny: Muni LOLs

Your Holiday Transit Advisory: Holiday schedule, Turkey Day run, Critical Mass, tree lighting, construction

Thursday, November 26: For the Thanksgiving Holiday, Muni will operate on a Sunday schedule.

Friday (Black Friday), November 27: Muni will operate on a regular weekday schedule to provide service for those visiting and shopping in the city. There will be no express bus service.

There will be NO Muni express service on the following routes:

  • 1AX California A Express
  • 1BX California B Express
  • 7X Noriega Express
  • 14X Mission Express
  • 30X Marina Express
  • 31AX Balboa A Express
  • 31BX Balboa B Express
  • 38AX Geary A Express
  • 38BX Geary B Express
  • 41 Union (AM and PM)
  • 81X Caltrain Express
  • 82X Levi Plaza Express
  • 83X Mid-Market Express
  • 88 BART Shuttle
  • NX N Express

The following Muni routes will operate on a weekday schedule:

  • 8 Bayshore
  • 8AX Bayshore A Express
  • 8BX Bayshore B Express



How many Muni dicks can you find in this picture?


Serious question, guys. How many Muni manner offenses do you count? There’s the bag, the manspread, not giving up the seat for the lady holding an infant. But wait a minute, what’s that in her shopping bag?

This image came from Niki Waters (@kneesandkeysart) on Instagram.

A close up on another offender. Don’t be this guy.