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Listen to Dhaya Lakshminarayanan at Muni Diaries Live—’Please exit through the weirdos’

Photo by Kevin Wong

Have you ever taken Muni with your parent-types? I did once. It was pretty nondescript, except for that one guy …

Earlier this month, comedian Dhaya Lakshminarayanan told the Muni Diaries Live audience a tale of her trip to Big Lots on Muni with her pop. Hilarity ensued, of course. And a new slogan for this site and Muni general? Have a listen below:

“Dhaya Lakshminarayanan at Muni Diaries Live, Nov. 8, 2014″

If you’re unfamiliar with the delight that is Dhaya’s comedy, check out the Moth Story Slams she hosts every month.

Previously: Ronn Vigh at Muni Diaries Live, Nov. 8, 2014.

Audio: Ronn Vigh at Muni Diaries Live—’WTF, Gladys!?’

Photo by Kevin Wong

Like sliding doors and dominos and butterflies flapping their wings, you never know what’s going to happen when you miss your stop on Muni Metro. At Muni Diaries Live earlier this month, SF comedian Ronn Vigh had us in stitches with a tale of serendipity and being stuck underground, because Muni.

Ronn’s story didn’t quite fill his time slot, so we urged him to keep going. He did, and the crowd was thoroughly enthralled. Listen to his entire set here:

“Ronn Vigh at Muni Diaries Live, Nov. 8, 2014″

Ronn (and fellow MDL performer, Dhaya Lakshminarayanan) will appear at Harvey’s in the Castro tonight. Whether you missed them at Muni Diaries Live or not, go see them. Unless you, like, don’t like to laugh or something.

Exploratorium asks: Why do people act the way they do on transit?


Oh, Muni, you are one big sociological experiment gone very right or gone very wrong, depending on the day—or hour. Or minute. OK, I just changed my mind again. I’ll calculate an average at the end of the day, how’s that?

The Exploratorium’s new exhibit, The Science of Sharing, encourages us to explore something we think about every day: Why and how do people act the way they do on public transit?

Muni Diaries Live: ‘Please exit through the weirdos’

All photos by Kevin Wong

What’s better than commiserating with your fellow Muni riders about the ups and downs of our transit system? Try dishing all your best transit stories with more than 200 of your San Francisco neighbors over drinks at the Elbo Room. On Saturday, we packed the Elbo Room once again with your friendly faces and our wonderful storytellers for an evening of hilarity that can happen only on Muni.


We opened the show with comedian Ronn Vigh, who had teased you on Twitter a few days ago wearing his Clipper Card costume (and little else!). Ronn faced off with a screamer on Muni, and that’s just the beginning.


Wired writer Mat Honan had once used Muni data to find out when the next bus was coming. Imagine that! He dug deep into Muni’s history to find out why Forest Hill station smells the way it does—and what is really wafting through the air when you take a deep breath at Muni stations.


Comedian Dhaya Lakshminarayanan endeared us with a story of taking her dad on the bus to Big Lots. By the end of her story, we all wanted to be best friends with her dad, who thought that “exit through the rear door” was “exit through the weirdos.” I like his version better!


We were honored to have SF Chronicle reporter Kevin Fagan at our show. Kevin graced us with songs inspired from the newsroom. He’s seen Muni—and San Francisco—through the lens of a reporter for two decades now. You can see his next show with his band, The Irish Newsboys, at Lefty O’Doul’s on Dec. 6.


When we found out that comic Klee Wiggins’ dad was a Muni operator, we immediately felt that we had to have her at the show. And we definitely made the right call. Klee’s parents met on the bus, and by the middle of her story we were doing a call-and-response of Muni lines.


Four-time Moth Grandslam champion Josh Cereghino wrote a new Muni story just for us, and we were all for his pastry-themed, tough street nicknames like “Biscuit.”



Our fifth Muni Haiku Battle (can you believe it?) was the closest challenge we have had. Ronn Vigh’s haikus had us in stitches. We all wondered: Will Jesse James keep his crown, or will Ronn take home our new wearable trophy, a Members Only jacket for the only Muni Haiku champion in town?


It was almost too close to call, but Jesse James donned the glittery jacket! We’ll have Ronn’s haiku up on Muni Diaries in a few days.

Twice a year we celebrate what it’s like to live in San Francisco—and riding Muni is such a big part of it. Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Elbo Room to celebrate with us, and we hope to see you in the spring!

Muni moments that (almost) make it all worth it

Photo by Israel.

It’s no secret. Muni Diaries exists because we believe in the entertainment and joy that can be gleaned from an otherwise mundane (at best) or frustrating (at worst) experience. To wit:

  • Little girl ~6 yo parodying Muni “please hold on” saying “hold on for what?” to the tune of a popular inappropriate song
  • Our #SFMuni driver sounds like Barry White, which is awesome considering how short she is.
  • guy at #SFmuni stop doing extremely precise liquid dance to headphones music in a storefront reflection, and it’s very good
  • Dude next to me has @PopeyesChicken on the bus and IT SMELLS SO GOOD. #sfmuni
  • “You gotta wait til you 40 to date, then date 3 years, then get married.” advice from dude on #SFMuni while on the phone

If those tweets don’t force the corners of your mouth up just a little bit, we cannot help you.

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