Funny: Muni LOLs

A Muni moral quandary: Nail polish vs. BBQ cancer?


All the important issues of the day get their time under the glow of lights on Muni. All of them.

Muni rider Laura filled us in on the latest over on the Muni Diaries Facebook page:

“The setting: the 48 Quintara headed for Noe Valley. A passenger whips out her nail polish and begins a manicure next to my mom, who is deathly allergic to the stuff. Mom asks her, politely, to stop. The passenger ignores Mom and finishes her nails. But wait, there’s more: the driver, who is going off shift, strikes up a conversation with Ms. Manicure: he’s going to spend his vacay barbecuing red meat. The divine Ms. M goes off: BBQ is carcinogenic, she says. I ask you, gentle reader: what is more harmful, a BBQ or an aerosolized cocktail of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP)? Just sayin’…”

You know the saying: It takes all types.

Photo by Paul Sullivan

Starfleet Rules Don’t Work on Muni

Update: Leonard Nimoy passed away at 83 yesterday. We wish him a peaceful journey, wherever the great bus in the sky takes him.

Original post, Sept. 18, 2012: These Muni newbies from the future just don’t understand.

See what happens when Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock stumble upon the loud headphone guys over at A Streetcar Called Taraval.

Muni moments that restore our faith in humanity


Setting aside all talk of malodors and defecation for a moment, this week served up many inspiring nuggets witnessed and otherwise experienced on Muni and documented in 140 characters or less. Here’s a list of greatest hits for this week:

  • I witnessed someone bust out sheet music for clarinet or piano for the Moonlight Sonata on #SFMuni. I now have faith!
  • A woman just proposed to her girlfriend on a crowded 24 bus. Couldn’t get a picture but it was really sweet.
  • Something about the Muni 5 line brings out inner DJing desires in ppl. At least today it conjured Marvin Gaye
  • Another NJudah full of schoolchildren. However this time one polite student offered me her seat. Well done, Holy Name School.
  • Never Apologize for rocking out to @NeilDiamond on a muni bus. Ever. #truth

This round of Things on Muni is brought to you by your fellow Muni riders @sarunikai, @neongolden, @thedig, @goldfine, and @TheBrianLake. Wise up and share the love (and hate) on Twitter @munidiaries.

Photo by Brennan Browne

Muni rider has the most appropriate response to Cheetos parody ad

cheetos ad

Never shying away from calling-it-like-it-is, a Muni rider got something off his chest about the Cheetos ad found on a Mission bus stop. CBSLocal says that the ad is causing “raised eyebrows” and Cheetos told CBSLocal they did not create this ad. Methinks that perhaps this spoof ad refers to a long-forgotten meme: anyone remember Cheesus, the Jesus-shaped Cheeto found by a New York couple a few years ago?

For your reference, I’m talking about this guy:
Photo via

For more spoof ad fun, we’ve got a special variety of Tums, the unfortunate nickname for Tartine, and an inexplicable spoof of Du Beers.

Top photo via Sasha Marie

A Muni reminder: Do homework


Is this that thing where you need a reminder to check your to-do list? For Iesha’s sake, I sure hope not.

Via Muni rider Andrea: “Iesha, your homework better be done. #sfmuni #munidiaries”