Funny: Muni LOLs

Bus announcement inspires Muni rider


I mean, us Muni riders’ motto should be, “Making the Most of a Bad Situation,” amirite? Muni rider Shaun is with me:

“When the Muni robot voice says ‘Please hold on,’ I always want finish it with, ‘Hold on for one more day!’

“Am I the only person who wants to sing Wilson Phillips while riding the bus?”

You’re not now, Shaun!

Photo by torbakhopper

Now kids can park their tricycles at Muni shelters

kids bike muni shelter

We’re not sure how this tricycle got on top of a Muni shelter, but the riders below seem completely oblivious to the bus stop feature just above them. I hope the tiny owner of the tricycle was able to recover it at some point. Kids gotta get from point A to point B, too.

Oh, and if you actually thought from the title that SFMTA installed bike parking for kids (or adults for that matter), my most sincere apologies. I know I’m on the fast lane to that special place in the afterlife for click baiters.

Photo by @fitzthereporter.

Update: Leap bus for sale! Leap bus for sale!


Update (June 29, 2015): Word comes from Henry that this here magic blue bus has sold for a whopping $9,750. For the math-challenged among you, that’s a mere 3,250 precious cups of Blue Bottle single-serve coffee. Jealous? GET IN LINE.

Original post (June 12, 2015): In a Super-Duper-Size helping of schadenfreude, looks like the failed startup Leap, which dared to challenge our beloved/behated Muni, is auctioning off its wares. Or, at least one of their spiffy blue buses.

Muni/SFMTA should soooooooo buy this and let a group of us riders paint a big ol’ hand flippin’ the bird on the sides. Just an idea.

Currently the Leap bus is being listed on First Capitol Auction, Inc. Thanks to Sarah for finding this. She says, “Anyone want to buy a used start-up bus?”

leapbus auction

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Did your defining San Francisco experience happen on Muni?

If you’re a transplant, do you remember what defined your San Francisco experience? Muni rider Jesse James moved to San Francisco from smalltown Thousand Oaks to attend SF State, sight unseen. And the Powell Street Muni Station and the M-Ocean View line were the settings of his defining urban moment.

“I had a family connection to a little Italian restaurant downtown called Buca di Beppo. I quickly obtained a host job and my life consisted of me going to school during the day, boarding the M train, taking the M to the Powell Street station. There was nothing more beautiful to me at that point than coming up the escalator at the Powell Street Station, and the Virgin Records megastore was glimmering in the summer sun. It was just such a symbol of darling urban life in the most suburban lens of urban life. (more…)

Indoor Tennis at the Powell Street Station

I think of Muni as our public living room, but public gym? This dude is taking the concept to the next level in a little indoor tennis action here. We found this video via Nick Josefowitz, who happens to also be on the BART board of directors. He says, “I thought I’d seen all there was to see at a @SFBART station. Then I saw this guy play tennis at Powell.”