Try body-shaming someone on Muni and the whole bus will stand up for you


You know all the witty comebacks that you wish you could have said in an argument, ones that only become clear to you after it’s all over? Muni rider Cynthia Pollock doesn’t have that kind of FOMO. In fact, in this morning Muni fight, she said everything we wish we could say.

From Cynthia:

‪Morning Muni altercation. A woman said she thought it was hot on the bus, and this guy said maybe if you lose some weight you wouldn’t be so hot. A bunch of women sitting nearby said something, but I went off.

I wasn’t going to hear some body-shaming misogynistic asshole making someone feel bad. Not first thing in the morning. Not on Muni. And for damn sure not on one of my home lines.

I told the bus driver on him. Then he says, you probably voted for Hillary.

And then it was on.

I was like if you don’t like progressives you can take your effing Trump voting asshole self somewhere else. I screamed at him with everything I had until I got off at my stop.

And then, probably not my best final comment, but I ended with a triumphant “I hope you get kicked off the bus.” Because, transit nerd.

How’s that for no-FOMO argument? Cynthia was also a performer at the last Muni Diaries Live, where she and her husband Jeremy re-enacted their now-famous Muni crow incident. It looks like in addition to being the “crow lady on Muni,” Cynthia can now add “Not on my home line” to her title!

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Photo by @sarakking.

Casual Friday look, with bird attachment


It’s not like I like creeping on people, but when you see style this good, can you really help it but sneak a snap in? Thanks to @commutelife, here’s the best look of the day. I have no idea where this gentleman is going, but I definitely want to be his friend.

And here’s another classic Muni hairstyle that deserves our respect.

Happy Friday, everybody.

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ICYMI: Sriracha comes in travel size for your Muni needs


In case you missed it, your favorite hot sauce is ready for all your travel needs.

Muni rider Derek sends in this important consumer reminder:

Some time ago I was riding home on an outbound 38 Geary. As I took in my surroundings I happened to glance what at first I thought was a little bottle of hand sanitizer. On a closer look I saw that it had the coloring and logo of siracha (sp?) sauce. I just had to ask the guy who’s backpack it was clipped to if it was what I thought it was and he said that yes, it was siracha sauce!

He said that he’d bought it on Amazon for adding some more kick to falafal.

Just hope he doesn’t one day get it mistaken for Purel and rub his hands near his eyes.

Mmmmmm. Handy!

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Adorable 1960s Sign for a Retiring Cable Car Driver


Is there anything sweeter? We found this adorable old sign from @kjerahus on Instagram, whose great grandfather was a conductor on the California Street cable car:

Sign from my great grandfather’s retirement in 1964. He was a conductor on the California St cable cars for years and worked on trolleys and trains since 1917.

Here’s a few more nostalgic finds:
Muni’s first schedule
Streetcar No. 1
Muni rapid in 1966

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Drama over the BART intercom

BART operator Kelly Beardsley lets us in on one little secret about driving BART: passengers love pressing the intercom button to chat with him about annoyances big and small, or even to just shoot the shit with him for no reason at all. Our live storytelling show, Muni Diaries Live, is where you can hear stories that are at once both true and unbelievable. Here’s Kelly recounting the shenanigans over the intercom on one eventful BART ride.

I love intercom calls, they always crack me up. You know on BART at the end there’s that little box that says, In Case of Emergency, Call the Operator?” Sometimes people just push it and just chat me up. Like, “Hey, I noticed you just made another transfer announcement at Lake Merritt Station. I don’t usually hear transfer announcements at Lake Merritt Station for the Dublin-Pleasanton bound passengers. Are you going to make a transfer announcement at Bay Fair?” And i’m just like, “Oh I like to mix it up! I like to make sure people get to where they need to go!” And the guy’s like, “Oh that’s really cool, man, so what other places do you make transfer announcements?”

We get stupid calls, we get fun calls, and we get complaint calls like, “Hey! Hey! There’s this girl and she’s got a bike and she’s eating a burrito and she’s in the handicapped seat!”

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Photo by Kevin Wong/Right Angle Images

Who’s ‘Energized’ for the week? (Hint, not this commuter)

It keeps going and going and going…”

And by “it,” we mean the heaping dose of visual irony pictured here, courtesy of csuhpat1, who also points out the rush-hour manspreading action.

A friendly reminder that it’s only cool to man- or lady-spread in sparsely populated Muni vehicles.

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