Passengers boo poor behavior off their Muni ride


A few nights ago when I was sitting at Upcider on Polk, I saw two women wearing impossibly high heels making this poor 19-Polk Muni shelter into their own strip club. They were twerking and dancing at cars that drove by, using the Muni shelter structure as temporary poles. They attracted quite a few of the Marina-overflow crowd and then abruptly left their pop up strip joint about 15 minutes later.

This brings me to a story submitted to the Muni Diaries inbox by Kevin Mitchell. Kevin saw something similar escalate on his bus, and fellow bus riders had an interesting tactic to show their disapproval.

From Kevin:

I was on the 49 in lower Mission about six years ago. It was around 3 pm.

I was sitting in the back reading and I noticed some commotion.

In the middle of the day, in broad day light, a “lady of the night” (or possibly “lady boy of the night”) was very openly giving oral sex to a grossly intoxicated 5 foot nothing man, still holding his malt liquor high with a huge grin.

Now, this could end here, and be a story of disgust or possibly a musing on Puritanical values, a story of the depravity of man. But it actually became a moment of bonding between 20 or so strangers and me.

Collectively, without prompting, we just starting boo-ing.

“BOOOOOO!!! BOOOOO!!!” the whole bus joined in.

What could have been dark and scary now became something we could laugh at and dismiss.

We took the power away from the situation. We made a collective choice.


The two perpetuating the act stopped at starting laughing as well. They got off at the next stop.

We all clapped and cheered as they walked out.

Cheering, booing, or pointing and laughing (as storyteller Yayne Abeba describes in this week’s Muni Diaries podcast) — what’s your preferred way of communicating bus etiquette breach?

Easter Bun-day again: bunny in a bonnet on Muni

rabbit bunny on muni in a bed by dhmspector

Attention on the concourse, and be still our beating hearts, we’ve received word of a bunny in a granny cart on Muni. And it’s wearing a…rabbit coozie? It kind of makes the rabbit look like it has bangs, to which we say: werq, Muni bunny.

I’m not up on my rabbit facial recognition skills, but I don’t think this is the bunny on a leash we recently posted. Which means, cross all fingers and toes, that this is a budding trend.

Thank you @dhmspector for the Instagram submission.

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Massive power outage muddies Muni, BART commutes

muni power outage cgoodyjenks

A major power outage is shutting down the north side of the city today, forcing the closure of Montgomery Street station for about two hours until a generator was brought in. In the photo above by @cgoodyjenks, the 1-California buses were stalled waiting for the power to come back on. PG&E said via Twitter that crews are working on the issue and expects power to be restored to “most” customers by 1 p.m.

Curbed posted some haunting photos of Montgomery Station before the power was back on. Read more

Those sexy springtime tales from Muni Diaries Live

MDL muni diaries live 17 elbo room crowd

Can riding the bus bring together 200 people to cheer whenever they hear a Muni line called out? The answer is “100 times yes,” as we experienced IRL at the Elbo Room last Saturday at Muni Diaries Live. For this show, we brought some seriously talented storytellers who, like you, shares their tales of what it’s like to live in San Francisco, one Muni ride at a time.

We kicked off the show with comedian and writer Irene Tu, who was a Muni celebrity last year and turned her friends into last-minute paparazzo to chase that fame.

MDL muni diaries live 17 elbo room irene tu

J. W. Friedman, the host of I Don’t Even Own a Television, reviews bad books on his podcast. For Muni Diaries Live, he brought his own Muni story of an unlikely, potty-mouthed hero on the bus.

MDL muni diaries live 17 elbo room j w friedman

Dixie De La Tour is the founder of Bawdy Storytelling, true stories of sexual adventure. And of course, one of those adventures took place on Muni’s 5-Fulton.

MDL muni diaries live 17 elbo room dixie de la tour

We brought back Baruch Porras-Hernandez, our Muni Haiku champion, to share his own Muni story.Because, as we learned that night, when you cajole your suspicious out-of-town friend into Muni, all the while guaranteeing safety and a blissfully uneventful ride — you may just be eating those words for lunch.

MDL muni diaries live 17 elbo room baruch porras hernandez

San Francisco Chronicle reporter Vivian Ho has written thousands of stories about our fair city. But the one that everyone remembers, of course, is the saucy one that happened on BART.

MDL muni diaries live 17 elbo room vivian ho

Writer Na’amen Tilahun recalls one eventful evening in the Castro, and the potential dangers of solo inebriated Muni Metro rides.

MDL muni diaries live 17 elbo room naamen tilahun

The Muni Haiku Battle took a brief hiatus, but it’s back in full force! This battle pit current champ Baruch against Irene, whose mantel is lined with golden dildos she’s won from Tourettes Without Regrets in years past. So who took home the Muni Haiku title this year?

MDL muni diaries live 17 elbo room irene baruch haiku

After some heated 5-7-5 exchanges (some involving Easter eggs in body cavities), Baruch was named victorious, taking/wearing home the newest trophy!

MDL muni diaries live 17 elbo room baruch irene haiku results

We’re pretty big on wearable trophies in recent years, which means obviously this trophy is a cape. Rather befitting of this poetic hero, we must say.

MDL muni diaries live 17 elbo room baruch haiku cape

Thank you to everyone who came out to the show and shared your stories with us. Muni Diaries is made of your stories, so we truly couldn’t do this without you! Our next show is on Nov. 4, but if you get lonely without us in the six months in between, perk up your ears to the Muni Diaries podcast on iTunes and Google Play.

Photos by Right Angle Images.

Getting to and from AT&T Park: SF Giants fans’ transit guide

giants nosh this

The San Francisco Giants are back for the 2017 season. For those bleeding orange and black, foam fingers in tow, squished into Muni and BART while daydreaming of their pregame pregaming, here’s everything you need to know about getting to and from the game:

Via the SFMTA:


The following Muni service is available to and from all home games:

E Embarcadero (service ends at 6 p.m.)
T Third
N Judah
Metro Ballpark Shuttles
10 Townsend
30 Stockton
45 Union/Stockton
47 Van Ness
Baseball fans may purchase round trip Muni transfer tickets at the east end of Embarcadero Station near the Muni station agent booth two-and-a-half hours prior to the start time of the game.

One-way Muni transfers can be purchased at the AT&T Park ticket windows located at 2nd and King streets and Willie Mays Plaza. Transfers will be sold starting two hours before the game until the game begins, and again from the beginning of the 7th inning until 30 minutes after the game.

Additional Muni Metro “baseball shuttles” will supplement existing N Judah and T Third service to the ballpark.

The additional service begins two hours prior to the game and continues until approximately 20 minutes after the start of the game.

SFMTA parking control officers (PCOs) will help fans get to and from the game. Prior to each game, PCOs are deployed to key locations around the ballpark to facilitate pedestrian safety, efficient movement of transit vehicles and other traffic.

More details about Muni service to AT&T Park, including connections from other Bay Area transit systems, can be found at the SFMTA website. Regional transit information for BART, Caltrain and the ferries as well as traffic is available on the 511 website.

Photo by our favorite chocolatier, @noshthis.

How I dress on Mondays

man wearing blanket on muni by kevinkelleher

How many times do you wish you could just do this at work? Like, “don’t look at me, I haven’t had coffee,” and then just pull out your blanket from under your desk and make everything go away. Thanks to @kevinkelleherphotography on Instagram for submitting this photo.

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Muni Diaries Live is back this Saturday, April 15 at the Elbo Room! All the best stories live on stage, and we are bringing back the haiku battle! Tickets on sale.

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