Funny: Muni LOLs

‘Only on Muni’ award nominees

Photo by Daniel Hoherd

Some things really seem like they only happen on transit vehicles here in San Francisco. And here are some notable moments from the recent past …

  • Nothing says Friday like a 7 ft tall homeless man screaming about “time monsters” while shooting a toy ray gun. #sfmuni
  • Woman using a snotty tissue to hold the bus rail #zomg #cantgetmoredisgusting
  • OH on the J: Guy1:”If you didn’t see the Liberty Bell, what did you do in Philly?” Guy 2:”Picked up pretty boys, had sex.”
  • Man w/NY accent screaming into flip phone about someone who shouldn’t have first bought things at Target and Costco. #sfmuni
  • Chick in front on me on this #SFMuni #38 really feeling herself. Keeps making kissy faces at her own reflection

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May the N-Judah be with you


It’s not every day that Millennium Falcon pilot and all-around bad-ass Chewbacca rides Muni. In fact, it takes the annual Giants’ Star Wars hoorah at AT&T Park to get this Wookie on the N-Judah.

We’re guessing he’s headed toward some wretched hive of scum and villainy out in the Sunset somewhere.

Chewy was last spotted in cardboard-cutout form on Muni. Glad he left the crossbow at home this time.

Via 7×7.

Faith in humanity restored on Muni? Say it ain’t so …

Photo by Sam Ejnes

I mean, I guess it was bound to happen at some point, right? Given the law of averages and everything, good things can and do happen on Muni. Here are some recent examples:

  • anyone feeling sad today: get on the 1 Calif. number 5543, driver is wearing a Santa hat singing Spanish & yelling at cars
  • I want to be as excited about something as kids are to pull the stop cord on the bus.
  • Man doing an impression of bear speaking in tongues on 30 Stockton. #muni
  • Just witnessed a young boy hold the #sfmuni doors open for a few minutes so an elderly woman could catch up

I’m as cynical as they come, but these tweets make me think there might be hope for humanity. Wait, no, sorry about that. I won’t let it happen again.

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Dude rides Muni like it’s 1988

Says videographer Lindsay on Instagram:

“Oh my shit, it’s 1988.”

Some things—Bush, Sr.’s “read my lips” speech chief among them—are best left in 1988. Other things—A Fish Called Wanda, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and rapping along with one’s boom box on public transit—are absolutely not.

I especially enjoy how the boom-box toting Muni Metro rapper is, maybe intentionally, rapping at the guy on the iPad ignoring him.

Let’s play Name That Tune. Go!

Keep your eyes open … for Muni curiosities

Photo by Patrick

Muni never disappoints, does it?

  • Just got offered a glass of wine on #sfmuni. Movin up in the world.
  • Guy who didn’t pay fare & didn’t ring for his stop is now fuming he missed it. 6 IB
  • Woman gets on Muni just long enough to yell at the driver that it’s not the train she needs. Chill. You’re holding us up!
  • Woman eating an ice cream bar at my bus stop at 8:18 am is my hero. #getitgurl
  • pretty sure guy smoking next to no smoking sign while taking up 3 seats is the definition of ass hole. #SFMuni
  • old guy on the 10 watching porn on his smartphone and it appears he is taking notes as he is writing profusely

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Muni seat sign: Warning or assumption of the inevitable?


I beg your pardon! Those are brand-new seats, which smell like new toys on Christmas morning! Unless this is just a cautionary message because we’ve soiled our new things already. Could go either way on this, honestly.

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