Inflatable pool and palm on Muni ISO a beach


Looks like *checks weather page* it might actually *checks weather page* not rain today *checks weather page*. Yep. Maybe a sprinkle, but does that really count?

Perhaps that was what this Muni rider was thinking, or wishfully thinking, carrying her inflatable pool and inflatable palm tree to that manufactured beach in … Glen Park?

In any case, fellow rider Anthony reports: “Inflatable palm tree on the OB J- Church? Where the hell is she going to? A pool party? Idk?”

The Muni “Golden” Seat

Serene Lusano

Artist Serene Lusano doodles on the bus and has identified the “golden seat” for people like her. This ideal seat is the “least visible to looky-loos” and has “less [sic] chances of ‘elbow disruption’ from fellow public transit riders.”

When I saw where Serene’s “golden seat” is, I realized that that actually is the seat I most prefer. What do you think is the best seat on the bus? (aside from “the one that’s not next to someone with body odor problems?”)

Super San Francisco Black Friday Gifts

71 haight card
We hope you’re not breaking a sweat (and your wallet) at the mall right now, because here are some very cool, super San Francisco gifts that we found from our favorite Etsy sellers. We found some cool prints, stationery, and apparel, including a Muni belt buckle! Check ‘em out.

To wear:
L Taravel Shirt

Great Muni tees by SunSet Apparel to show your Muni line pride.

muni sardines shirt

Appropriate for any rush hour ride: Muni Sardines tee by DSF Clothing Company