Five Photos to Help You Recover From the Muni Sickout

muni geary by gladysf
Photo by gladysf

Sick of the sickout? Same here. Enjoy these five gorgeous photos of San Francisco looking pretty, and maybe it’ll help you forget that on Monday morning when two packed 2-Clement buses pass you by and you have an 8 a.m. meeting.

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Masked ‘bandits’ tag Muni bus

Images by anawakas

Graffiti is kinda like cilantro: People feel strongly one way or the other about it. Say what you will, this GIF of some dudes tagging the outside of a Muni bus is neat. The GIF, I mean. Thanks, Internet.

If that doesn’t do it for you, how about these street-art-style renderings of Muni itself?

Via Muni rider Danya

Via Muni rider Danya


Muni and Wendy MacNaughton’s Meanwhile in San Francisco

wendy macnaughton meanwhile in san francisco muni
Image via Meanwhile, in San Francisco

We met artist Wendy MacNaughton back in 2010 when she illustrated a series of gorgeous, whimsical, and very San Francisco drawings done on Muni and BART. Since then, she’s done loads of amazing work, including Pen and Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them, written with Muni Diaries Live alum Isaac Fitzgerald (watch his story here). Her latest book, Meanwhile, in San Francisco, is an ode to the city we all know and love. Featured prominently at the beginning of the book, of course, is the personal story of a Muni driver.

The illustrations shows a day in the life of a Muni operator in his own words. From Wendy: “The driver is my neighbor, Edmundo. he lives just up the street from me – so I asked if I could join him at work. I went at the crack of dawn with him one day – before 5 a.m., I think it was.”

We asked Wendy in an earlier story about why she draws on public transit: (more…)