New Shirt Explains Your Relationship With Muni

love hate muni shirt

Passing by Union Square last Saturday I happened upon this clever Muni t-shirt by Kye, who sells the shirts with his dad, Kye Senior. Actually Kye Senior is Kye IV, a leathersmith who originally created the shirt for a Muni driver friend. He told me that he befriended the Muni driver when she started buying leather belts from him (you can find Kye’s belts at his Lifetime Leather Etsy store). One day the Muni driver told him about the “sand people” who always made her bus a mess. It turns out that many homeless people dug themselves into the sand at Ocean Beach in order to keep warm, and when police officers come by each night to rouse them, they had no other choice but to board her bus to keep warm. Unfortunately this meant that they also spilled mounds of sand all over her bus.

“I love and hate Muni!” she told him.

And right after that, Kye and his son created the shirt out of the Muni worm font in her honor.

The shirt isn’t on sale on Etsy currently but you can find Kye IV and Kye V around Union Square.

Another Muni worm tattoo surfaces


This time, the worm finds itself on some dude’s chest, over his heart, I presume. I mean, yes. But also, really? Okay, got it. Cool.

Also: Are any of you out there willing to do as this guy has done?

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Via Sara (whose hashtags here seem pertinent, so I’m leaving them): “Fresh ink. #muni #sf #idiot”

When you can’t wait until 8 a.m. to crack open a cold one


It’s 7:50 a.m. somewhere!

From pregame PBR on the J-Church to busting open the Anchor Steam party box a little early, Muni riders arguably need a fix the most. In case we needed to prove it further to jaded New Yorker Anthony Bourdain, who said of SF, “…underneath a gossamer-thin veneer of granola is, in fact, a two-fisted drinking town.”

Happy Friday, whenever you decide to crack one open.

Via Muni rider Kristi. “7:50 am…makes sense”

Viking spotted on Muni


First off, the quality of this photo is totally amazing. It looks like a still from the first color surveillance camera or something.

Next, there was a viking on Muni rider ophirsberg‘s train: “I found a viking. My day is complete. Im seeing to many tweekers recently.”

Oh, don’t be so harsh. Maybe dude took a wrong turn at Nova Scotia.

Is this what a Muni apology looks like?


Is the train saying that it’s sorry, as in contrite? Or sorry, as in, “I suck”?

This may surprise you, but this isn’t the first time a Muni Metro vehicle has been sorry (apologetic) or sorry (I’m a sorry sack of shit).

In any case, a surprisingly forthright message on a day of anything but.

Newest contrite Muni (can we meme that, please?) via Muni rider Patrick