A not-very-good day for wedge shoes

wedge shoes on muni

It’s not a very good day for the owner of these wedge shoes. Annabel_SF on Instagram writes:

After holding up the train at two stops to get this lady’s wedge out of the door, the driver lowered the steps, the shoe came out, but the chick had already taken off. I think she was a little embarrassed, to say the least. She did have some spare shoes so she didn’t leave bare foot.

I’m pretty sure most of us, myself included, would have limped out of the train barefoot and embarrassed. Carrying spare shoes? That’s very prepared, ma’am.

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Your Weekend Transit Advisory: Veterans Day parade, construction, construction, construction

We’ve got you covered Saturday night. But for all your other weekend plans, here’s some things to keep in mind:

Veterans Day Holiday Muni Schedule

On Tuesday, the Veterans Day Holiday: Muni service will operate on a regular weekday schedule.

Veterans Day Parade

On Sunday: The annual Veterans Day Parade will take place on Market Street from 2nd Street to the Civic Center Plaza. Staging will begin at 7 a.m. on 2nd Street between Market and Folsom streets. No traffic will be allowed on 2nd Street. Cross traffic on Folsom, Howard and Mission streets at 2nd Street will be allowed until the parade begins. After the parade units have passed and the street is cleaned, 2nd Street will be re-opened for traffic.

Traffic along Market Street will start closing beginning at 10 a.m. No traffic will be allowed on Market Street between 2nd and 7th streets after 10:30 a.m. SFMTA traffic control officers and SFPD officers will be present to facilitate cross traffic across Market Street between 2nd and 7th streets until 10:30 a.m.

Streets will be re-opened once the parade units have passed and the streets have been cleaned.

At 11 a.m. the parade will proceed north on 2nd Street, west on Market Street, west on McAllister Street, south on Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place and pass the reviewing stand. The parade will disband on Grove Street between Van Ness Avenue and Larkin Street.

During the parade, vehicles will be re-routed around the parade route except Muni buses.

The following Muni line and routes will be affected:

  • F Market
  • 2 Clement
  • 5 Fulton
  • 6 Parnassus
  • 8X Bayshore Express
  • 9 San Bruno
  • 10 Townsend
  • 12 Folsom-Pacific
  • 19 Polk
  • 21 Hayes
  • 27 Bryant
  • 30 Stockton
  • 31 Balboa
  • 38 Geary
  • 45 Union-Stockton
  • 71 Haight-Noriega


Halloween 2014, as seen on (and as) Muni

Photo by luisamiller

San Franciscans elevate their festive game during key points in the year, be it our biennial World Series wins (Go, Giants), Bay to Breakers, Pride, and, of course, All Hallows’ Eve. Here’s to one of the best excuses for people-watching (and people-appreciating) in the city by the bay (whoa, ohhh, oh-oh-oh).

Photo by sfhealsme

Photo by Muni rider Raylene

Last-minute Halloween inspirations from your fellow Muni riders

Photo by cericgo

When Muni riders do Halloween, we do it right. Here are three looks we found on Instagram where everyday riders just look like everyday rockstars. Or zombies, for that matter. If you’re looking for even more ideas, here’s last year’s top Halloween costumes (including how to dress up as the 30-Stockton!). And have you seen this Halloween-themed Muni etiquette video?

Check out some festive Halloweens past:

Seen any great costumes on Muni? Tag away @munidiaries, please!

Photo by magggi

Photo by sequindevil

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Giants win the World Series, people break Muni windows

Photo by Sam Wolson/Special to The Chronicle

We warned/begged you!

The Giants won the World Series, and guess what happened afterward? People climbed on top of Muni and broke a couple of windows, naturally. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Last night, SFMTA suspended bus services “due to safety concerns,” though Muni Metro service on the surface streets and underground was still operational.

Here’s one more of a busted-up Muni bus:

Photo by Tim Hussin/Special to The Chronicle

And here are more scenes on Muni from last night, thanks to our friends on Twitter:

giants fans on muni by jennyzhu
Photo by @jennyzhu

giants muni shelter matthew roth
Photo by Matthew Roth

celebration from bus by faern
Photo by @faernworks

giants on muni by jhaiye
Photo by @jhaiye

muni police service by ekai
Photo by @ekai

Got stories from last night’s celebration? Send them our way please!

Please don’t break Muni if the Giants win the World Series

Please? Also: Please don’t break Muni if the Giants lose tonight. Or tomorrow. Photo by Mike Hendrickson

Above: Someone in 2012 got a little too happy about the Giants winning the World Series that year. That might happen again tonight. The Giants winning the World Series, that is.

If that happens, tonight or tomorrow, please don’t break Muni. Thank you.