Hey Super Bowl 50 committee, Muni wires are actually beautiful


The Super Bowl 50 Committee plans to ask SFMTA to take down the overhead wires on Market Street during the sportsball fiesta, but honestly, we think the overhead wires are kind of nice in a photo op.

Next year’s Super Bowl will be held in Santa Clara, but the eight-day fan village will be in Justin Herman Plaza, where the mayor told KCBS that there won’t be room for the homeless or anyone. The Examiner reports that Supervisor Jane Kim confirmed the Super Bowl 50 Committee‘s desire to pull down Muni wires.

No decisions have been made about the potential request, but the Examiner says that pulling down the overhead wires could cost a “seven-figure number” requiring “lots of overtime” to remove correctly. The F, 6, 21, and 31 lines run on overhead wires in the area.

I actually think Muni overhead wires make for really beautiful photos, as evidenced by several of the photographers we’ve featured on Instagram. Maybe the Super Bowl 50 Committee can take a look at a few of these beauties?

Photo by @nyxnax

Photo by @geoffreyupton

Photo by @itsjustinsane

Photo by @djsoul6

Top photo by @nonny1982

Instagram Photographer Crush: David Root

bart puppy by david root

Instagram is a lot more than pictures of air-brushed macaroons and latte art in soft focus, and every day we meet photographers who do our city proud. Today’s Instagram photographer crush is David Root, who posts carefully selected black and white photos of San Francisco that show the tender and gritty moments we all see, feel, and know daily. We caught up with David to chat about taking photos in San Francisco. Follow him on Instagram at @david_r00t.

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Can a Muni seat be cute?


Yes, so, so cute. Precious little lonely Muni seat. Tickle tickle.

I especially love the anti-knee barrier. I’d totally sit there. Would you?

h/t Muni rider Stevie: “who is this seat made for?”

There will be plenty of seats at Muni Diaries Live this Saturday. Join us for a night of true, hilarious, weird, and sweet stories that can only happen on Muni! Grab a ticket and we’ll see you there!

Here’s a Perfect San Francisco-Inspired Wedding Photo

muni stop wedding bride groom by mariel_v

We found this great wedding shot on Instagram by Mariel Villaluz, who photographed the beautiful bride and groom at the Muni stop. I love that the groom is looking to see when the bus is coming. I hope they’re not late for something important.

By the way, here’s more ideas to take your wedding (or just any party) up a notch by making everything Muni-themed (Fast Passes on little boxes of Muni-shaped chocolates? Check, check, and check).

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