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Unfortunate facts of Muni life

Photo by analogskirt

I suppose it depends on your point of view. Some of these could be positive experiences. If so, good on ya. I guess?

  • It smells like poop on this bus. #goodmorning #yuck
  • Look lady, I’m sry that yr bag had to give up its seat so a human being could use it, but you need to get over it. #SFMuni
  • Munifears: seemingly irrational fears you have riding the bus, like someone ‘accidentally’ sitting in your lap #sfmuni
  • I don’t know what’s worse, that my #SFMuni driver is on the phone, or that it’s on speaker for us all to hear.
  • 22-Fillmore stalled while woman enlists help of strangers to carry her 9 Starbucks drinks. This a social science experiment?

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USA! USA! flag stuck in BART door


Oh, the dangers of celebrating your team advancing in the World Cup. Like, you know, getting your American flag stuck in the BART door. Also, note the blue and red Tom’s.

Don’t think you’re better than us, Germany, and I’m not just talking about the win. Like you’ve never gotten a GER flag trapped in the U-Bahn doors! USA! USA!

Via Amy

SFMTA set to update Muni maps

Image courtesy Streetsblog SF

What did you think you were getting, better service or something? Pshaw!

As reported by Streetsblog SF, a couple of mapmakers have been working on the new Muni maps for more than 10 years. In addition to the new maps’ increased readability,

“Conveying the difference between faster Muni routes and local transit service ‘is a really important thing to communicate when we’re trying to drive people to our premium routes,’ said [Muni’s operations planning and scheduling manager Julie] Kirschbaum.”

And then this nugget appears in Streetsblog’s post:

Kirschbaum said that Muni is also considering changing its route names, so that they more accurately reflect the streets they serve. As an example, she noted that the 6-Parnassus could be re-named the 6-Haight/Parnassus, to let tourists know that they can use the lesser-used trolley bus line to reach the world-famous destination of Haight-Ashbury.

Wow, route name changes! You guys!

So, if you were tasked with this, what would you do to improve the current Muni system map?

Read more about the new Muni maps at Streetsblog SF.

Now BART has wrap ads?


The image above marks the first time I or Amy, who sent this to me, have seen BART trains covered in an advertisement.

The ad above, says Amy, is for Monterey Bay Aquarium. It “covered a couple of cars,” according to her.

Have you seen BART train-wrap ads before?

Shell the pet snail rides Muni


Earlier this month, we told you about a snail who, we assumed, got on Muni by accident. Snails often have time for that, you know?

Now, not to be outdone by the Accidental Snail, Shell the pet snail (you read that right) has convinced his human to pack him in his little box and take him out for a day on the town.

Also, this snail’s name is Shell. Amazing.

Via Muni rider Michelle Marie King: “on the #1 this AM – met super pet rider named Shell.”

World’s cleanest Muni bus spotted on Capp Street


Intrepid Capp St. reporter Amy (of Capp Street Crap fame) spotted Lava Mae’s “One Shower at at Time” bus (where else?) on Capp Street earlier today. Either it’s setting up early for its Saturday debut, or this is a media stunt.

ICYMI: This weekend, Lava Mae will roll out its Muni bus that has been converted into mobile showers. The idea is to provide a space for the showerless to clean themselves easily and effectively. Porta-showers, you might say. Rad idea.