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Transit News: Sunset Tunnel tracks, late-night BART, faster Muni, World Series Muni damage

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

  • Sunset Tunnel Track Work Began Last Friday (Hoodline)
  • Nick Josefowitz Unseats 24 Year Incumbent James Fang With Promises Of Late Night BART Trains (SF Appeal)
  • SFMTA Wants Stop Lights, Not Signs, To Keep Muni’s 5-Fulton Moving (Streetsblog SF)
  • SFMTA hit with $140,000 damage bill in World Series celebrations (SF Examiner)
  • Not Your Ordinary GPS—Tracking Your Ride (SFMTA’s Moving SF Blog)

New band name: Needles on the Bus


Man, I wish I could take credit for that band name. Sadly, I cannot take credit for that band name.

Muni rider Revo, on the other hand, can take credit for that band name: “New Band Name: Needles on the Bus. (Inspired by true events) #sfmuni #dirty8″

Your Weekend Transit Advisory: Veterans Day parade, construction, construction, construction

We’ve got you covered Saturday night. But for all your other weekend plans, here’s some things to keep in mind:

Veterans Day Holiday Muni Schedule

On Tuesday, the Veterans Day Holiday: Muni service will operate on a regular weekday schedule.

Veterans Day Parade

On Sunday: The annual Veterans Day Parade will take place on Market Street from 2nd Street to the Civic Center Plaza. Staging will begin at 7 a.m. on 2nd Street between Market and Folsom streets. No traffic will be allowed on 2nd Street. Cross traffic on Folsom, Howard and Mission streets at 2nd Street will be allowed until the parade begins. After the parade units have passed and the street is cleaned, 2nd Street will be re-opened for traffic.

Traffic along Market Street will start closing beginning at 10 a.m. No traffic will be allowed on Market Street between 2nd and 7th streets after 10:30 a.m. SFMTA traffic control officers and SFPD officers will be present to facilitate cross traffic across Market Street between 2nd and 7th streets until 10:30 a.m.

Streets will be re-opened once the parade units have passed and the streets have been cleaned.

At 11 a.m. the parade will proceed north on 2nd Street, west on Market Street, west on McAllister Street, south on Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place and pass the reviewing stand. The parade will disband on Grove Street between Van Ness Avenue and Larkin Street.

During the parade, vehicles will be re-routed around the parade route except Muni buses.

The following Muni line and routes will be affected:

  • F Market
  • 2 Clement
  • 5 Fulton
  • 6 Parnassus
  • 8X Bayshore Express
  • 9 San Bruno
  • 10 Townsend
  • 12 Folsom-Pacific
  • 19 Polk
  • 21 Hayes
  • 27 Bryant
  • 30 Stockton
  • 31 Balboa
  • 38 Geary
  • 45 Union-Stockton
  • 71 Haight-Noriega


Muni moments that (almost) make it all worth it

Photo by Israel.

It’s no secret. Muni Diaries exists because we believe in the entertainment and joy that can be gleaned from an otherwise mundane (at best) or frustrating (at worst) experience. To wit:

  • Little girl ~6 yo parodying Muni “please hold on” saying “hold on for what?” to the tune of a popular inappropriate song
  • Our #SFMuni driver sounds like Barry White, which is awesome considering how short she is.
  • guy at #SFmuni stop doing extremely precise liquid dance to headphones music in a storefront reflection, and it’s very good
  • Dude next to me has @PopeyesChicken on the bus and IT SMELLS SO GOOD. #sfmuni
  • “You gotta wait til you 40 to date, then date 3 years, then get married.” advice from dude on #SFMuni while on the phone

If those tweets don’t force the corners of your mouth up just a little bit, we cannot help you.

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The Most San Francisco Illustration Ever


Ed. note: The artist was just so proud of his work–and he should be–that he put it up on Instagram before it was ready for its intended publication! We’ve swapped it out at his request for some more of his Muni-themed work, and we’ll be keeping an eye on his page for more.

Original post:
This is pretty much the most San Francisco illustration ever. We’ve got Laughing Sal from the Musée Mécanique, Doggie Diner doghead, Piedmont Boutique stockinged legs, Green Apple Books guy, and Lou Seal. To top it all off, they’re all riding Muni together. Thanks to @danbransfield on Instagram for posting this!