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Head-scratching things overheard on Muni

Photo by Lynn Friedman

It’s not just smells, anger, and despair. Muni is also a roving audio laboratory, much to the delight and chagrin of us all.

These fellow Muni riders clued us in some things they overheard on Muni this week:

  • OH on Muni: “My cheek is sweating up my cellphone screen”
  • [on the J] Guy on phone: Yes but he’s vegan and I’m not very vegan-friendly.
  • Overheard at the #Muni stop: THIS IS THE LIVING WAGE!
  • OH: and he was programming on a go cart-he’s that badass, oh and he has a masters too. never forgetting headphones again

All righty then.

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‘The Devil is controlling Muni’


I love so many things about this drawing by Muni rider John. The fact that it explains everything might be the least interesting thing about it. The Devil wearing his name in two languages might be my favorite.

Note that the “bus” is moving backwards, which sounds about right most days. “Mostly late or delayed.” Yep.

Via Instagram

Muni Riders Debate: What is a pussy bow, anyway?

muni cat east portal
Hint: It’s not this. Photo by DavidyDave

You see a lot of weird stuff on Muni, and some of them you can’t even begin to describe. This morning, @spiegelmama tweeted about a mystery item that defied definition for some of us.

Do you know what a pussy bow is? We polled our fellow Muni riders to find out: without Googling it, define “pussy bow.”

Muni Diaries Jeff says:
1. a bow worn in the crotch area
2. a naked woman with her pubes in a bow
3. a bow (doesn’t matter where it’s worn) that looks like a vagina

BrokeAss Stuart says: I have no idea. But I think I want one.

Muni rider Matt says: “it is the worst piercing ever.”

BART Diaries Ed says: “Like a decorative barette or something for one’s lady area.”

Muni rider Johnny Tripod says: “A bow given when the skirt-wearing bow-er has forgotten to put on her underwear. Oops!”

Muni rider Aaron says: “More complicated version of the g-string?”

Rider Pozu says: “Personally, I don’t care for pussy bows. I like the possibility of a revealing if fleeting glance at her charms. I hope that doesn’t give it away.”

Sorry to disappoint, but according to Wikipedia, a pussy bow is “a style of neckwear often associated with women’s blouses and bodices. It takes the form of a bow tied at the neck, similar to those that used to be tied around kittens’ and cats’ necks.”

For example, here is Margaret Thatcher wearing a pussy bow blouse.

Margaret Thatcher in a pussy-bow blouse
Photo via The Guardian

Now you can carry on with your day. You’re welcome!

Because some things happen ‘Only on Muni’

Photo by Julia Wolf

Muni Diaries is all about celebrating (and lamenting) life on Muni. To that end, we’re giving away two front-row seats to Muni Diaries Live on Nov. 8. All you have to do is tag your Muni tweets #OnlyonMuni for a chance to win.

This week’s entries include:

  • A woman was singing TLC’s ‘Creep’ at the top of her lungs (Great song choice btw), then spit her mouthwash on floor. #OnlyonMuni #sf
  • There’s a guy literally spinning yarn from raw wool fiber with a drop spindle on the 1 California right now. #OnlyonMuni
  • The most tattooed individual I have ever seen was a septuagenarian on the 38L #OnlyOnMuni
  • Fact: You can’t ride the 8BX and not see a tall can of Steel Reserve. #onlyonmuni
  • Sitting behind guy on #sfmuni I think he shaved his head this morning and forgot to wipe off excess shaving cream #OnlyonMuni

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