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The Most San Francisco Illustration Ever


Ed. note: The artist was just so proud of his work–and he should be–that he put it up on Instagram before it was ready for its intended publication! We’ve swapped it out at his request for some more of his Muni-themed work, and we’ll be keeping an eye on his page for more.

Original post:
This is pretty much the most San Francisco illustration ever. We’ve got Laughing Sal from the Musée Mécanique, Doggie Diner doghead, Piedmont Boutique stockinged legs, Green Apple Books guy, and Lou Seal. To top it all off, they’re all riding Muni together. Thanks to @danbransfield on Instagram for posting this!

#OnlyonMuni contest winner, and other assorted Muni LOLs

Photo by Anita

For this Saturday’s Muni Diaries Live, we decided to hold a contest that basically celebrated what this whole thing is all about: Those moments, the sights, sounds, and yes, the smells, that happen “only on Muni.” We asked you to use the hashtag #OnlyonMuni for a chance to win two front-row seats to the show. Today, we’re happy to announce that the winner of those coveted seats is your fellow Muni rider Maggie Ann Glover.

Here’s Maggie’s winning* tweet:

“Once, on the 48, a woman asked me to hold her baby so she didn’t spill her hot coffee. And I did it. #OnlyonMuni

I mean, right?

Honorable mention #OnlyonMuni tweets include:

“I can assure you that we’re all having a better Monday morning than the guy on my bus chugging vodka. #OnlyonMuni #10am” by @ariananicolay

“38 Geary this morning: Guy gets on the bus eating a bowl of cereal! Full on ceramic bowl and metal spoon too! #OnlyonMuni” by @VerifyInField

Just because the contest is over doesn’t mean you should stop using the tag or tweeting your best Muni moments. We’re always on the lookout over on the Muni Diaries Twitter page.

And we still have a few advance tickets for Saturday’s show available. Act quickly!

Muni driver toots his horn


No, not what you think. Wait, what exactly did you think that headline meant, sicko?

Via Muni rider Josh, “#sfmuni driver blowing a few scales before his route starts. Love it.”

We love it, too!

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Accidental hipsters on Muni


The Muni catwalk never ceases to amaze, especially when our collective fall line (so, more pants and a slightly thicker jacket) debuts citywide. It also serves as a reminder that one person’s accidental (or intentional) hipster is someone else’s fashion-forward hero.


Thanks for sharing, Muni riders Msmugler (top) and teekuleet.

Election results (and a dog in a backpack on Muni)


Here are results of the three transportation-related measures on yesterday’s San Francisco ballot, via the Department of Elections (PDF):

Prop A: San Francisco Transportation and Road Improvement Bond
Yes 110,153 71.23%
No 44,488 28.77%

Prop B: Adjusting Transportation Funding for Population Growth
Yes 93,289 61.14%
No 59,305 38.86%

Prop L: Policy Regarding Transportation Priorities
Yes 57,168 37.67%
No 94,572 62.33%

And up above: A dog in a backpack on Muni. Previously: Cat in a backpack on Muni.

h/t Muni rider M Rioux

Join us at Muni Diaries Live this Saturday, Nov. 8, for a night of true, hilarious, weird, and sweet stories that can only happen on Muni! Grab a ticket and we’ll see you there!

Halloween 2014, as seen on (and as) Muni

Photo by luisamiller

San Franciscans elevate their festive game during key points in the year, be it our biennial World Series wins (Go, Giants), Bay to Breakers, Pride, and, of course, All Hallows’ Eve. Here’s to one of the best excuses for people-watching (and people-appreciating) in the city by the bay (whoa, ohhh, oh-oh-oh).

Photo by sfhealsme

Photo by Muni rider Raylene