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Dog on Wheels on Muni

porta pup 1

Look at that! Wouldya just look at that? That right there is a dog in a bag with wheels, minding its own biz on Muni.

Muni rider Derek eyed the pup and sent us this report: “While riding home last night I spotted this cute little face!”

porta pup 2


Couple who met on BART celebrate 15 years of marriage

Anna and Dentrick McNorton met on BART 19 years ago and got married a few years later, proving that budding romance, alongside measles and rage over bike-related rule breaks, can also incubate on those trains.

Their story reminds us of friends of Muni Diaries Nick and Lisa, who also had a chance encounter on BART. They even incorporated BART blue into the wedding design!

Congratulations, you crazy kids.

For Valentine’s Day: A Dating Site Just for N-Judah Riders


Some people call tomorrow “Valentine’s Day,” but I really prefer Single Awareness Day, Whiskeyful, or Black Saturday. Whatever you call it, you have 24 hours to either walk slowly and determinedly into the ocean, smother someone with a pillow at Justin Herman Plaza, load up on Franzia, or find that soulmate you met on the N-Judah.

That’s where WeMetOnTheN comes in. Alex Lee built a dating site just for N-Judah riders (talk about hyperlocal!). Alex got the idea, appropriately, during a ride on the N: “It was maybe a Thursday or Friday evening, where I saw a guy sit down and introduce himself to a girl. Bold move. And that just made me think. There must be a lot of people who want to introduce themselves to someone they find interesting or attractive, but it’s just too painfully awkward. Or crowded. It is the N, after all.”

So, N-Judah riders, don’t say we never do anything nice for you! And for the singletons on the rest of the Muni lines: relax, dating season starts Sunday, when you’ll be spared from awkwardness for another 364 days!

Photo by Lawrence Pan

Transit News: Fare evasion/anti-terrorism/WTF? Muni on-time stats, Warriors arena, Haight bus lanes, Muni operator shortage


  • Former Muni top cop says fare-evasion enforcement is in line with anti-­terrorism efforts (SF Examiner)
  • Muni seeks fix for sinking on-time performance (SF Bay)
  • Warriors Working to Resolve Transportation Issues Prompted by New Arena (Potrero View)
  • Eyes on the Street: 3 Blocks of Bus Lane on Haight — How About One More? (Streetsblog SF)
  • Muni Expects to End Operator Shortage for the First Time This Century (Streetsblog SF)

Photo by Thomas Hawk