Surprise! Rare bacteria found on Muni

muni seat handle

Researchers from San Francisco State University have found a “rare” bacteria on Muni seats, which previously had only been found in waste water from South Korea, the South China Sea, reports SFGate. The bacteria, called, “Pigmentiphaga,” was found on the 28-19th Ave. bus line. Researchers aren’t sure whether the bacteria is actually harmful to riders. SFMTA says that San Francisco’s Health Department has found the bacteria to be “non-pathological” and that the bus is safe to ride.

What can we say … we all know that’s not water on the seat.

The researchers are the same group that found fecal bacteria on those yucky fabric BART seats. But this time around they have better news for us: No fecal bacteria were found on BART seats this time around. So, believe it or not, BART seats are now possibly cleaner than Muni? All the same, we recommend: Touch nothing!

Muni stop trick or treat? (No, really?)


Muni — and San Francisco — love Halloween. To make sure we really get into the spirit of things (ha! ha! ha…), someone either awesomely or creepily (depending on what kind of day you’re having) left some Tootsie Rolls, wrapped and all, at this Muni stop.

One of my favorite Halloween stories involves a Muni driver handing out candy to her beloved passengers on the 33, so I’m going to err on the side of “awesomely” to describe this admittedly strange cargo. Especially since far worse has been left behind at a Muni stop.

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Muni rider stabbed aboard the 7-Haight/Noriega


A woman was stabbed on a Muni bus early this week. Reddit user RenosMostWanted has a first-hand account, and took the horrifying photo you see above:

middle aged guy gets on board Muni, he doesn’t look homeless, but clearly on something or crazy. He is standing and then siting and then standing again. He is looking around like he’s nervous or on drugs. When the bus get to the stop (Civic Center I believe) he gets up quickly to go to the front of the bus, punches a little old Asian lady in the head and then stabs the guy pictured with what appears to be an exacto knife before bolting out the front door. Stabbed guy didn’t even realize he’d been stabbed until the entire bus gasped in horror when he turned around to look out the front window.

Hoodline has more from a tipster:

Police response time was impressive. Under a minute from what I can tell. Some people were crazy self-obsessed. Were taking pictures of the inserted knife on Snapchat. Insane.

We’re glad everyone seems to be okay. Scary stuff, folks.

Drama over the BART intercom

BART operator Kelly Beardsley lets us in on one little secret about driving BART: passengers love pressing the intercom button to chat with him about annoyances big and small, or even to just shoot the shit with him for no reason at all. Our live storytelling show, Muni Diaries Live, is where you can hear stories that are at once both true and unbelievable. Here’s Kelly recounting the shenanigans over the intercom on one eventful BART ride.

I love intercom calls, they always crack me up. You know on BART at the end there’s that little box that says, In Case of Emergency, Call the Operator?” Sometimes people just push it and just chat me up. Like, “Hey, I noticed you just made another transfer announcement at Lake Merritt Station. I don’t usually hear transfer announcements at Lake Merritt Station for the Dublin-Pleasanton bound passengers. Are you going to make a transfer announcement at Bay Fair?” And i’m just like, “Oh I like to mix it up! I like to make sure people get to where they need to go!” And the guy’s like, “Oh that’s really cool, man, so what other places do you make transfer announcements?”

We get stupid calls, we get fun calls, and we get complaint calls like, “Hey! Hey! There’s this girl and she’s got a bike and she’s eating a burrito and she’s in the handicapped seat!”

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Photo by Kevin Wong/Right Angle Images

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