New Muni fare hikes for monthly pass and cash riders starting Jan. 1


Heads up: Your monthly A pass is about to get more expensive starting the first of the year. The monthly A pass, which covers rides on both Muni and BART, will go from $86 to $91, while the M pass (Muni only) will stay the same: $73. The cost of discount monthly passes for youth, senior, the disabled, and Medicare recipients will increase from $25 to $36. These fare increases are actually not a part of the Automatic Fare Indexing Policy that we’ve seen annually. They were approved as a part of the 2017 budget back in April.

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The wondrous world of Muni’s Lost and Found


Losing stuff on the bus is kinda the worst, right? It elicits that feeling of your things just vanishing into the ether. But, contra that feeling, much of what riders leave behind on Muni buses, trains, and streetcars ends up in Muni’s Lost and Found.

SF Examiner reporter and Muni Diaries Live veteran Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez took a field trip to the SFMTA’s basement recently. As he notes, many of the items we Muni riders leave behind tell a story (or two).

A bag filled with socks and baby items could be from a mother or father, [the SFMTA’s Nancy] Marquez said, and they see plenty of backpacks that may belong to those who are homeless.

“Sometimes, things smell really bad,” Marquez said. But they hang on to all items, no matter how seemingly disposable — just in case.

Among the more common items are—you guessed it—phones. SFMTA says they get about 70 lost phones, including the newest models, per month. Less common, but more urgent (for most people, anyway), are passports.

The agency holds onto unclaimed items for 60 days. Items that are claimed but not yet picked up are held for 120 days. After that, lost and found stuff typically goes to Goodwill. Cash goes back to the city’s coffers, which more or less makes sense.

Read Joe’s full story on And if anyone has the prescription Ray-Bans I left on BART in 2012, it’d be cool if you let me know.

Photo by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez

Now at the Roxie: The man who loves the bus so much, he stole it 32 times


A new documentary at the Little Roxie is putting a whole new meaning on being a “transit buff.” Off the Rails tells the true story of Darius McCollum, “a man with Asperger’s syndrome whose overwhelming love of transit has landed him in jail 32 times for impersonating New York City bus drivers and subway conductors and driving their routes.”

Running Muni Diaries means that we have met a lot of people who love public transit so much that they can name all the different vehicles in a Muni fleet. But McCollum’s obsession with public transportation goes way beyond any transit geek we know. The documentary follows McCollum through his first time stealing a bus at age 15 to a complicated journey of transit obsession that took over his life.

You can see Off the Rails at the cozy and delightful Little Roxie until this Thursday, Dec. 29.

Photo credit: Off the Rails

Even this BART ad can’t with 2016


When Amy sent this to me the other day, I was really confused. Was BART running vintage ads on purpose? Do they, like many of us, want this current year (and really, does 2017 look any better?) to not exist, and are thus choosing to live in the past?

In any case, check out this old-ass BART ad. I mean, those carpets

Try body-shaming someone on Muni and the whole bus will stand up for you


You know all the witty comebacks that you wish you could have said in an argument, ones that only become clear to you after it’s all over? Muni rider Cynthia Pollock doesn’t have that kind of FOMO. In fact, in this morning Muni fight, she said everything we wish we could say.

From Cynthia:

‪Morning Muni altercation. A woman said she thought it was hot on the bus, and this guy said maybe if you lose some weight you wouldn’t be so hot. A bunch of women sitting nearby said something, but I went off.

I wasn’t going to hear some body-shaming misogynistic asshole making someone feel bad. Not first thing in the morning. Not on Muni. And for damn sure not on one of my home lines.

I told the bus driver on him. Then he says, you probably voted for Hillary.

And then it was on.

I was like if you don’t like progressives you can take your effing Trump voting asshole self somewhere else. I screamed at him with everything I had until I got off at my stop.

And then, probably not my best final comment, but I ended with a triumphant “I hope you get kicked off the bus.” Because, transit nerd.

How’s that for no-FOMO argument? Cynthia was also a performer at the last Muni Diaries Live, where she and her husband Jeremy re-enacted their now-famous Muni crow incident. It looks like in addition to being the “crow lady on Muni,” Cynthia can now add “Not on my home line” to her title!

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Photo by @sarakking.

Casual Friday look, with bird attachment


It’s not like I like creeping on people, but when you see style this good, can you really help it but sneak a snap in? Thanks to @commutelife, here’s the best look of the day. I have no idea where this gentleman is going, but I definitely want to be his friend.

And here’s another classic Muni hairstyle that deserves our respect.

Happy Friday, everybody.

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