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This graffiti on Muni is the shit!


On the one hand, if Muni rider Ashley is right, it would convince me that if we give it enough time, everything in the realm of possibility will occur on Muni. If she’s wrong, well, it’s kinda cool-lookin’, no?

Ashley says, “Pretty sure this graffiti is written in actual poop”

She also used the tag #MuniNightmares. Do we really wanna start using that? It’s up to you guys.

BART issues new courtesy posters, offers etiquette lessons for trains


Because people sometimes often need advice on how to act like decent human beings, BART has issued new courtesy posters and a “crowded car survival guide” video aimed at teaching riders how to act on its trains. The poster and video tackle the often griped about backpack problem, how to let people off before you board, as well as no-brainers like giving your seat to pregnant, elderly, and disabled riders. Noticeably absent is the controversial topic of manspreading. BART just didn’t want to go there, we can only guess.

Impromptu ‘Happy Birthday’ serenade on Muni


Admit it: All you really want out of life is for people to sing “Happy Birthday” to you all day every time it’s your birthday. Well, that plus cake and puppies. WE DON’T ASK FOR MUCH, you guys.

And so it happened, and Muni rider Chad was on the scene: “Girl on #sfmuni wants everyone to sing her Happy Birthday; impromptu band forms with personalized bday song #magic”

Way to avoid having to pay royalties, you dudes.

Court orders work on Muni’s Mission Bay Loop stopped


Last month, we told you about residents’ efforts to stop SFMTA from constructing a streetcar “loop” in Dogpatch. Muni wants the loop so that it would be able to turn southbound T-Third trains around. The efforts involved a protest on Feb. 12 near the site of the proposed loop.

SFGate reports that yesterday, a state court ordered construction, already under way, stopped.

The work was scheduled to be completed in October. But the First District Court of Appeal issued a stay Tuesday of any orders for demolition, excavation or construction while it considers the case, and scheduled written arguments through March 27.

The lawsuit by a group of residents and business owners contends the city’s 15-year-old environmental assessment has become obsolete because of an influx of apartments, condominiums and stores in the neighborhood.

Muni rider and Bayview resident Carol agrees that the assessment is no longer relevant. “I think another impact study needs to be done, because (back then) the future of SF’s southeast still seemed like there would be growth, but I don’t think anyone could have guessed how the area has changed. Speaking not only to the impact of traffic and congestion, but even more so of the accessibility for the city’s most southeastern neighborhoods. Bayview and Sunnydale are huge neighborhoods, yet they have the worst transit options. From what I’ve seen of the plans, any of the future changes are only going to create further slowing of and a decrease in service. Even if the loop is moved further south, to the yard at 23rd Street and Third, it will cause issues for everyone, but mostly Muni commuters south of it.”

Read the rest of the SFGate article here.

We’ll keep you updated on any progress in the story.

Photo by Nate Mahoney

Transit News: BART funding, free Muni for seniors, disabled starts, Muni driver acquitted, ending BART strikes, Muni’s origins


  • BART seeks $1B from SF, but is it feasible? (SF Examiner)
  • Water Leak Causes Muni Delays (CBS Bay Area)
  • Free Muni program for seniors, disabled starts (ABC 7)
  • Ex-Muni driver acquitted in Castro pedestrian’s 2011 death (Bay Area Reporter)
  • Oakland Tribune editorial: Latest attempt to end BART strikes deserves high marks for creativity (CoCo Times)
  • How the world’s fair birthed Muni (SF Examiner)
  • Likely voters in S.F. poll give thumbs-up on city services, including Muni (SFGate)

Photo by throgers

A thrilling (but totally un-recommended) way to ride Muni

j riders by ikleytman

Yes, the Muni fare has hiked up to $2.25, but is it really worth it to hitch a ride this way, or am I just engaging in old-person-talk? Wait, don’t answer that. Below are two more thrillseekers we’ve posted in the past, but totally worth revisiting.

Photo above by @ikleytman

Photo by K L

This is a scene right out of Collateral, minus creepy bleached-blonde Tom Cruise:

Photo by Wiggly Giggle