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Are anti-Islam ads on Muni just asking for it?


Several of you have pointed us to the latest in a series of controversial ads on Muni. This one seems to jump the provocation shark, as it were. They feature Hitler (literally Hitler!) talking with, well, does it really even matter who Hitler is talking with? Aren’t all people who talked with Hitler auto-evil?

KTVU has the story:

40 Muni buses and light rail vehicles began carrying a stark, black-and-white advertisement this past weekend that equates Islam with Nazism and featuring images of Palestinian Muslim leader Haj Amin al-Husseini and Adolf Hitler.

In all caps, the ad blares, “Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s in the Quran.”

A New York-based blogger paid for the ads in the wake of recent terrorism in Paris.

“People need to understand that this hatred is a religious imperative,” said American Freedom Defense Initiative President Pamela Geller. “We feel that this message is critical in light of what happened in Paris, the slaughter of four Jewish people at a kosher supermarket because they were Jewish.”

So, yeah. Where do you stand on these “ads”? I mean, as ads, what exactly are they trying to sell?

Photo by KTVU

‘Showing your tits’ on Muni


I had never seen one of these bags in the wild (a.k.a. the Muni catwalk). I had only passed by them (and giggled like a little girl) at Gravel and Gold in the Mission. Now, lookee there. Boobs!

Whether it’s spirited debate over breastfeeding on the 71 or avoiding a grabby pervert on the 2-Clement, Muni is a pro-boobs kind of place. Here’s to hoping that all of our boobs (actual or printed) travel safely on the bus, and that will be the last time I write boobs in this post.

…boobs. (OK, I’ll stop.)

Via Muni rider Steven: “Woman on #muni has boob bag to get her there in style”

Seattle dog waits for no one, rides bus sans her human

It’s bad enough waiting for the bus. Who wants to let the bus they’ve been waiting for pass them by? Certainly not Eclipse, a black Labrador known for taking the bus—by herself—in Seattle.

According to the Associated Press, if owner Jeff Young is busy smoking a cigarette when the bus pulls up, Eclipse will climb aboard and ride without him to the dog park, sitting next to strangers and looking out the window before getting off at her designated stop. Young then catches up with her at the park, three or four stops away.

Who’s a good girl? We only wish some humans could be so well-behaved on Muni.

Do you know the origin story of Forest Hill Station?


You might have zoomed by this station a hundred thousand times and not realized that it is actually the oldest subway station west of Chicago. We found the website OriginSF, whose authors chose Forest Hill Station as their latest case study of San Francisco history. According to OriginSF, Forest Hill Station was built with a dose of foresight:

Forest Hill Station was opened in 1918. It began thanks to the former mayor of San Francisco, Aldoph Sutro, who owned real estate all over the city. Twelve years after his death, A.S. Baldwin, a real estate agent from Baldwin & Howell, was hired to allocate Sutro’s real estate assets. At the time, the Forest Hill area of San Francisco was underutilized, with space composed of sand dunes and grassy land; it was not a desired lot to purchase. But Baldwin, showing foresight, developed a corporation to buy the forest and then sell the land. Newell-Murdoch bought that land and then deeded 21 lots to the City of San Francisco for free, in order for the Forest Hill station to be built. Why? Because Newell-Murdoch was banking on Laguna Honda to be the next big development once a train was built to bring people there. And they were right.

Interesting tidbit: scenes from Dirty Harry and Milk were shot in this station. If you like history as much as we do (see: Muni Time Capsule), you’ll enjoy browsing through OriginSF.

Photo by OriginSF