‘Keep your eyes up…’ and open on Muni

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SFMTA likes to remind us, via that robotic voice of God, to keep eyes up and phones down while riding Muni. But because Facebook, we don’t so much.

Still, “through the Muni window” is one of the nicest recurring themes here on Muni Diaries, ’cause you can tell these impromptu street photogs heeded the the voice of God and took a beat. It is literally a window into life in San Francisco — which we’re very much partial to — and it’s def more interesting than what’s trending on Twitter.

Sure, you’ve got your Sharpie dickpic originals (Banksy would be so proud), and other days you’re full-on minus Muni window. But there’s lots to see (and read) through the Muni looking glass, wouldn’t you say?

Video: Spontaneous church choir on Muni

What happens when you get a group of choir boys on Muni? Spontaneous church hymn, a volunteer choir director, and a sprinkle of embarrassed laughter. I would have really liked to be on the bus. Thank you @dagsalda on Instagram for the video.

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A ‘rat-ical’ Muni experience

It is important to me that everyone sees this

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This isn’t exactly like the last time we documented a mouse on Muni. Just ask an unnamed Muni Diaries editor, who refused to put this post together due to acute heebie-jeebies.

Rats on Muni are like hair. In the right context, hair is lovely, worthy of a positive anecdote with a smile. Personally/as coping mechanism, I like to envision this fella more like Remy in Ratatouille, attempting to make his mark in an intensely culinary part of the world. And look at that face. lookatthatface.

In the wrong context — like, I dunno, when a rat gets loose in a New York City subway train — it is the absolute worst thing ever.

Where do you fall? While you noodle on that, consume some heebie-jeebies antibiotics, including: a cat on a leash at a Muni stop, stone-cold iguanas giving zero fucks on the bus, and the living, breathing representation of a Google search for “happiest dog in the whole wide world.”

Peek behind the scenes of Muni Diaries on Bitch Talk podcast

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Here at Muni Diaries, we are all about shining the spotlight on your everyday San Francisco experience. Behind the scenes, we are just a couple of Muni riders who happen to love your stories. Last week, Erin Lim, founder of the podcast Bitch Talk, turned the spotlight back on us! We got to visit the Bitch Talk studio to gab all about why we do what we do and the hilarious stuff that happens on the receiving end of all your Muni wonders and woes. Plus, we get to tell podcast listeners all about why we love Muni Diaries readers so much.

The episode dropped yesterday, and you can listen to it here:
Bitch Talk Episode 127: Muni Diaries

Spoiler: One of us spills whiskey, which is hilarious and pathetic.

Bitch Talk is a podcast of two ladies talking about whatever they want with their studio guests — kind of like the best of what you’d overhear on Muni! You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or download episodes of Bitch Talk on iTunes.

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Muni app to get ‘Rate My Ride’ feature soon


SFMTA announced recently that its Muni Mobile transit ticketing app will get a new feature this summer: Users will be able to rate their Muni rides, providing the agency with feedback.

Here’s what SFMTA has to say about the new feature:

Rate My Ride will allow you to provide specific feedback about any Muni trip in seconds.With a simple click to the left or right, you can rate your trip time, vehicle conditions and even the etiquette of fellow riders.

From the graphic they provided (above), it looks like the app will be icon- and text-based. Probably smart. If they were to leave it open to riders writing their feedback, well, how big a can of worms or Pandora’s box would that be?

Also, I’m 12, sure. But this all immediately reminded me of Rate My Poo, which, to my amazement, is still around.

Anyway, good luck collecting the feedback, Muni!

Why just stare at sea lions on Muni?

pet the bears castro muni diaries

Just when San Francisco seems really awful right now (see: Dolores Park since-quashed RSVP bullshit, this bus stop ad calling renters stupid, just about everything having to do with the SFPD), it’s good to see that we still have our sense of humor intact.

This Muni ad from the folks of the Castro Merchants reads:

Why just stare at the sea lions when you can pet actual bears?

Let’s hope they get awesome visitors, and not a gaggle of bachelorettes.

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