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A Quiet Night on the 38-Geary

Photo by Justin

Appreciative people-watching has always been part of the appeal here at Muni Diaries, and I think the view from Muni rider Stuart’s seat reminds us as much. The vomit shower is pretty gross, though.

A man boards the 38 with his hair in what appeared to be a two-foot tall orange condom. Another man staggers aboard on, asking everyone in earshot where he could get his fix. A woman talks about her divorce on speakerphone. A group of bros holding burritos and PBRs yammer and sway.

Nothing happens.

I sit in a singleton seat, and I look outside, and it is raining. I open the window, relishing the cool scent of wet asphalt, and turn my head toward the rain, smiling as my eyelashes catch the few drops that fall in upon me from outside. It strikes me that sitting there, smiling at nothing, and smelling the rain, I might be the strangest guy on the bus.

One of the bros takes a bite of his burrito, a swig of his PBR, and showers his buddies and their poorly tailored suits in vomit as the 38 swerves to miss a double-parked car.

Everything returns to the status quo, as madness erupts around me.

The 38-Geary is one of our most talked-about lines. Who knows, you may run into The Most Interesting Man in the World (you may even be him, depending on how your day went), or you may find yourself quietly defending your sexuality and Little Mermaid backpack. If you have a story that’s worthy of the #OnlyonMuni hashtag, send it our way and you could win tickets (and saved choice seating) to Muni Diaries Live, set for Nov. 8 at the Elbo Room.

The nerve of some people on Muni

Photo by Shuvo C

You’ve seen them. You’ve heard them. You’ve smelled them. You’ve wished they got off at every single stop along your longer-than-it-should be commute, only to have them outlast you, somehow. They are: Muni riders with cojones grandes.

Most recently:

  • OH on Muni: ‘Um, would you move? I deserve this seat more than you do. I’m prettier.’ #munidiaries #27bryant
  • If you are not wearing deodorant please put your arms down on the bus #Dirty30 #citylife #thatbuslifedoe
  • Let’s play who can be louder?! The toddler or the lady in the back on the phone singing n’ shit! #sfmuni #19
  • “You know why I sit here? To look at all the pretty ladies.” Old man to old lady on the J-Line. #jline #onlyonMuni
  • witnessed a woman fling her booger onto the back of a chair on #SFmuni even though she’s holding a tissue.

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by fellow Muni riders @8346757, @R_Lowry, @RGB_SINCE1981, @stephlikespaint, and @ShelbyTerissa. Spin your favorite yarn today @munidiaries, and don’t forget to include the hashtag #OnlyonMuni. You could win two front-row, reserved seats at the Nov. 8 Muni Diaries Live!

Video: Sydney bus driver gets high ‘down under,’ crashes into house

Don’t you hate when your Muni driver steps a little too heavily on the brakes sending you careening into other passengers? Well just be thankful you weren’t on a bus with this guy behind the wheel.

According to news reports, Sydney bus driver Shaun Murphy smoked synthetic cannabis before the dramatic June 15 crash that sent his bus barreling through two fences and into a home. The video shows Murphy, 57, steering at one point with his elbow before passing out. No passengers were on the bus at the time.

Murphy, who was also found to have morphine and methyl amphetamine in his system, pleaded guilty to driving recklessly and under the influence.

h/t: Seven Network/CNN

That One Time Mayor Ed Lee Rode Muni

newsom pelosi lahood on muni
Photo via SF Citizen

Word is that Mayor Ed Lee actually rode Muni yesterday, and nobody got a photo. Don’t get excited: He wasn’t actually trying to get from point A to point B like the rest of us. It was more of a publicity stunt for the mayor’s transportation bond campaign. The San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board rode the Muni with the mayor, according to SFGate:

Mayor Ed Lee, who is trying to raise $1 million in campaign cash to push his $500 million transportation bond over the finish line in the Nov. 4 election, got a firsthand taste of Muni’s problems on Tuesday morning.

Lee, who lives in Glen Park, took the M-Ocean View train downtown before a meeting with The Chronicle’s editorial board, and no, he didn’t get a seat.

Well, at least this time the mayor won’t get a ticket by parking in the Muni zone! Unfortunately riders didn’t snap a photo of him (unless you did, in which case, send it our way!). We never saw former Mayor Gavin Newsom on the bus ourselves, but SF Citizen snapped a photo of him on Muni, sitting in the elderly/handicapped seating (insert joke here).

More sci-fi on a Muni seat


You always want a seat on Muni, but you’re smart enough to look first. At least, that’s the hope around here.

Muni rider Michael looked first, that’s for sure. And he was shocked to discover what you see above. WTF? Melted blue Otter Pops, or what’s left of the aliens who abducted your sister on the bus? Michael only had this to say: “unidentified, blue, liquid puddles on the seats of [sic] the muni.”

Just last week, we learned of a mysterious glob that was spotted on the seat of a Muni LRV. What’s next?

Tell us an “Only on Muni” moment, win two front-row seats

Photo by Kjaere

Riding the bus in San Francisco, we’ve all had “Only on Muni” moments—from the good, bad, weird, smelly, or just plain amusing. On Nov. 8, we’re celebrating San Francisco commuters (you!) by hosting another Muni Diaries Live at the Elbo Room. Between now and the show, send us your “Only on Muni” moments via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or this website, and we’ll pick a winner for one pair of Muni Diaries Live front-row reserve tickets.

To enter, simply include @munidiaries and the hashtag #OnlyOnMuni with your story/tweet/photo.

And have yourself a cup of Muni Diaries Live recaps while you brainstorm.