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Beer via BART

Image: SF Chronicle

Thirsty, anyone?

Tim O’Rourke at the SF Chronicle posted this nifty map of several Bay Area brew pubs easily accessible by BART, based in part on a list of places to drink beer near BART an its 44 Bay Area stations. The idea is (duh) to let BART be your DD as you sample sudsy deliciousness all over the Bay Area. Sounds like a nifty idea to me.

Click here for a larger version of the map above.

Check out BeerbyBART for an exhaustive list.

mmm, beer.

What’s going on at the Powell Street Central Subway site?

central subway powell
Photo by Corey Lappier

Now that the tunnel-boring is complete, what’s going on at the Central Subway construction sites? We’ve seen the cranes dangling ever so close to the department stores nearby, and crews putting together what looked like enormous metal beams. I stopped by to ask one of the construction workers, who told me that they were putting together piles (a post-like foundation) to support the station walls. The piles will be driven into the ground to bear the weight of the soil around the stations.

Starting this Friday, July 11, through the weekend, you’ll see the pile installation on the corner of Stockton and O’Farrell Streets. SFMTA says that construction work will be in progress around the clock until Monday, July 14, at 5 a.m.

The Central Subway segment of the T-Third line is slated to open in 2019.

Mayor’s Car Found Parked in Muni Zone

mayor lee car muni zone
Photo via David Black on Streetsblog SF

Mayor Lee’s car was seen parked in the Muni zone while he stepped out to grab a bite in Diamond Heights, Streetsblog SF reports.

David Black sent in photos of the car, as well as a Muni bus which pulled up to the stop and was forced to load riders away from the curb. Luckily, no Muni passengers in wheelchairs were unable to board due to the situation. Black said that Lee, and several people who appeared to be staffers, waited in line behind him at the taqueria.

The police officer who drives the Chevy Volt for the mayo “will be admonished,” the Mayor’s Office told Streetsblog.

For future reference Mr. Mayor, La Corneta Taqueria, which is the restaurant where the mayor and his staff were seen standing in line, is easily accessible by BART.