Take THAT, Muni phone thief!

muni cell phone by jeremy brooks
Photo by Jeremy Brooks

MissionMission’s Helen Tseng wrote about her scary experience getting mugged on Muni. She ran after the suspect to get her phone back, in what followed to be an even more frightening experience. From Helen’s blog:

I was on my way to the Needles & Pens anniversary show, and BART was delayed due to that naked guy fiasco, so I hopped on a 14 and took my phone out of my pocket to let a friend know that I would be late. Then, as the bus pulled over to the 23rd and Mission stop, a scary man ripped my phone out of my hands and ran off the bus with it.
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Santa Santa vs. Santa Dating Service Gal


Santa rides Muni, duh, and not just for Santacon, either.

Eagle-eyed Muni rider Melinda spotted Santa on a 14 recently, amusingly placed above a lady Santa who thinks she can get you a date. Or maybe she is your date? She’s going to look really silly in that hat after today.

From all of us to all of y’alls, have a great holiday. Beware of holiday drunks (including yourself), and remember that Muni is your chariot if you’ve downed too much cheer.

Buses Return to Mission Street Saturday

Photo by Torbakhopper

The 14, 14L, and 49 are heading back on their normal Mission Street routes starting this Saturday. These lines were rerouted in early March to make way for road work. The Department of Public Works told MissionLocal that some of the improvements include new bus bulbs at the 24th Street BART plaza, curb ramps along Mission Street, as well as underground repairs of gas lines, earthquake-resistant pipes, and water mains. The DPW also repaved Mission street between 16th Street and Cesar Chavez.

MissionLocal also reports that the SFMTA used the rerouting to see if the temporary route was actually better than the original route.

For now, it’s back to our old familiar bus stops along Mission Street again.


Man throws bleach on Muni passengers

Photo by Brett L.

The other day, Kelsey tweeted @munidiaries looking for some answers:

My roommates got bleach thrown on them the other night on the 14. Anyone see anything?

Um, what? To that query, she provided the sordid details below:

She was on her way home with some friends on the 14 on Friday night after the bars closed in the Mission, and back on her way to downtown where we live. I guess there was a man (unsure if it was a transient or not) sitting in the front of the bus, staring oddly at my roommate and her friends. She is not one to just brush it off, and is definitely one to speak her mind. So she did, and called him out, asking why he was staring and told him to stop. He proceeded to throw a Ritz cracker at them (oooh! scary!), and then they lashed back at him some more.

He then held up a water bottle with a clear liquid in it and said, “Do you know what’s in this bottle, girl? Do you know?” or something along those lines, and then after guessing it was rubbing alcohol, he proceeded to splash all three girls with the contents, which they immediately discovered was bleach as soon as it started dying their jackets and leggings/pants that it got on. According to her, just as this happened, the bus came to a stop and the man ran off of the bus. Around 8th and Mission, the driver made everyone get off and had to report the incident, but my roommate and friends went home instead of sticking around.


So, as always, be careful out there. As a lady who’s been in uncomfortable transit situations time and time again: I say Kelsey’s roommate had every right to be left alone on the bus. I’ve gotten angry more times than I could count over similar issues, and I’ve had my long-suffering husband advise repeatedly to hold my tongue and be the bigger person…because it could mean being the bigger, alive person. So, do we all just stay quiet and assume everyone is carrying bleach (or worse)? What do you do when you feel threatened or angry on the bus? Sound off in the comments.

This Only Happens to Muni-Riding Book Lovers

Photo by Steve Rhodes

While stumbling on Tumblr I found this great anecdote of connection from one book lover to the other, from It’s More Than Pillowtalk.

I was engulfed in Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eyes” when an older gentleman sat down next to me. From the corner of my eyes, I could see him glancing in my direction. At some point, he takes off his headphones to read past my shoulder. Somewhat afraid, I turn my book in the opposite direction. Being on the 14 Mission, you never know who’s crazy enough to act out.

When I close my book to gaze out the window, he takes off his headphones again and points at the cover. With a sweet spanish accent, he asks me what year did the book receive a Nobel Prize. Unsure, I open the book to find out. As I do so, he admiringly starts pouring out some of the greatest writers of all time. Shakespeare, Emily Bronte, Don Quixote, along with Spanish writers and stories that I wish I could ask him more about.

When I ask him if he’s read Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist,” he sadly shakes his head to tell me no. This older gentleman experienced a stroke 4 years ago that has created problems for him when he reads.

Read the rest of the story on It’s More Than Pillowtalk.

Books, public transit, stories…everything we love here at Muni Diaries. If you’re a local book geek, you should check out People Reading in Public Places and Between the Lines.

Got your own Muni story to share? Tell me.

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