Muni Douchebag of the Week (or Year)

Photo by Michael

Rider Cat witnessed some truly terrible behavior on the J last week. Things got so violent that calling it “douchebaggery” is putting it mildly.

I was on the 8:15 a.m. J last Friday. There were a group of teenagers, lounging as they usually do, trying to take up multiple seats. Whatever, they do that all the time.

At some point, one of the teenagers started yelling and screaming about how some older man had “moved his leg.” The teen was sitting in the first row of seats that face the driver cabin. The leg in question was sprawled in front of him so that he could block people from sitting in the elderly/handicap seats. (more…)

Pantless J-Church passenger wants to know the time

Photo by stephenlienharrell

You thought your Muni ride was entertaining? Here’s what Nat saw …

The other day I get on the J at around 7PM on a Tuesday, and notice that half of the front car is nearly completely empty, save for a single, very large man and several boxes of bananas. As I board and get a closer look, I realize that this man is in fact wearing an oversized rainbow-colored quilt, and literally has maracas woven into his long, dreadlocked hair. He is also wearing thick sunglasses, despite it being quite dark outside, and has very little to speak of in the way of pants.


Muni’s Long Shutdown Is Actually Kinda Beautiful

Photo by Patrick T. Power

Muni is busy building a better Muni, though we’re sure some of you see the long shutdown mostly as a big stinkin’ pain in the ass.

Still, there’s a sort of beauty in the work going on at Church and Duboce, evidenced here by Patrick’s photo above. Click here for a larger version.

Aside from looking kinda purty if you’re in the right mood, we wanna know how your N-Judah, J-Church, and 22-Fillmore experiences have been like since Friday evening. Better, worse, same? Sound off in comments here.

Here’s another shot of the action, this one from Jim. Thanks for sending, Jim!

Fare Evaders, Beware

This is a different kind of Muni modification than what we’ve been seeing all week. But Paul J. Lucas warns us nonetheless. “We’ve heard that Muni has both hired more fare inspectors and is deploying them on more lines, but the attached photo (taken on board a J-Church vehicle) shows that Muni is really getting tough.”