Welcome to Muni Diaries

Well, finally!

What started in 2004 in a journalism class at San Francisco State University has now found its way, four years later, to the internet.

The idea wasn’t mine, originally, but was intended to be part of a magazine that covered San Francisco culture, neighborhood by neighborhood, with a very youthful slant. My co-editor Eugenia gets all the credit for Muni Diaries as an idea. Together, we decided it’s way cheaper and easier to do a website than to start a magazine from the ground-up. We brought a programmer/designer type on board, and had us an alpha site for a while.

Then we all got jobs.

A few years later, as blogging has taken off and become so easy that moms and dads the world over are doing it, I had the idea to just hatch this thing as a WordPress blog, and let it grow organically.

The idea is to create a forum specifically for anything having to do with public transportation in San Francisco. We’re gonna try to keep BART out of it (hint: we own bartdiaries.com, which may or may not launch soon, depending on the success of this site), and stick exclusively to:

  • Stories of riding and waiting for Muni buses, light rails, and cable cars
  • News stories involving Muni, especially accidents
  • Agency news and commentary, especially gripes against fare increases and route rescheduling
  • Hotties spotted on Muni
  • Photos and video of any of the above
  • Other topics, which I’m sure will present themselves over time

So please, feel free to contribute, comment, and tell your friends that they have a forum to talk with others about their experiences on San Francisco’s hated, yet loved public transportation system. – Jeff

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