Purse burglary on 38L. Merry Xmas Eve!

Damned kids.

I wonder what they stole if it wasn’t her wallet or phone? Sounds like an EPIC FAIL burglary attempt to me.

Um, so yeah, don’t leave your purse open while you’re spacing out on the bus, especially if there are snotty teenagers on the bus with you. From extensive sociological study (i.e. staring passive-aggressively at them when they bother me), I find that when they’re not screaming at one another, at the bus driver, into their phones or all of the above, they’re eying your blank stare and swanky purse of grown-up goodies.

I had a theory that teenagers are pretty much the worst category of people in the world, and I haven’t been proven wrong just yet.

And if today’s San Francisco Examiner story about truancy is any indication, they best watch out for the narcs.


  • I don’t disagree with your teenager theory, but of all teenagers, teenagers on the bus are the WORST of the worst. All assholes, all the time.

  • I’m gonna agree with Tara: Teenagers are terrible. When I was one, I was terrible. I behaved poorly, smelled bad, and generally didn’t give a shit about anyone or anything.

    Teens commit so much crime these days, it makes me wish we could fence them off and let them kill one another.

    On the other hand, I don’t entirely blame them. Kids who steal are still in the minority. And it says just as much about parenting and schooling that this happens. Wide-scope problem, indeed.

  • Schools are currently out for Winter Break, and won’t resume until January 5th.

  • Bad kids = irresponsible parents. We still have to deal with their awfulness, though. To be fair does anyone have any semblance of a clue before their mid 20s? I really thought I knew everything back then. Only took me 10 years to realize I knew nothing.

  • it’s true, parents care about work, really. I could give a long lecture on how kids act these days depending on where they’re from, but I’d like to stay on topic.

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