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magic8ball_betcherasscarleighamalin from Twitter (you know her here as CAK) tweeted us the other day to ask the following:

Is it rude to FB friend someone you see on MUNI daily but dont want to actually converse with because I’m a.m. antisocial w/ ipod

We dusted off the ol’ Muni Diaries Magic 8-Ball to arrive at the following:

Facebook users tend to fall into two broad categories: Those who friend (yes, a verb, deal with it) liberally, and those who exercise restraint, thereby limiting themselves to, you know, “friends” who are people they know.

As with other internet traditions, there’s no cut-and-dried, black-and-white answer here. On the one hand, who knows what could come out of this friending, should it occur? On the other, not doing anything surely wouldn’t inhibit the possibility of, oh, say, talking to this someone in person, on the bus, if the opportunity presented itself.

And there’s always that remote possibility that your someone could be reading this right now, and know exactly who you are. And there you’ll have it.

Verdict: Go with your gut.

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  • I don’t think it’s “rude” but might be interpreted as a little weird? How would you go about finding someone you’ve seen on the bus on facebook, actually? I’m not very FB savvy…

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