Post of the Month – Justice on the M

Animals have taken over the month of April here at Muni Diaries – a wayward pigeon was saved by a goth man, a box full of rats was almost unleashed by a mystery woman, and  a gorilla rode the 49. Our most popular post this month, though, involves a flock of teenagers who reminded Muni rider Denise Cho of a different animal altogether. Here’s a snippet from Denise’s post, Justice on the M:

The drunk pubescent boy sways in the seat next to me: “blah, you and everyone has an iphone!” I turn my eyes into slits and ignore. Then the girl with the tiara starts screaming like a banshee, but several pitches lower – I dunno, like a manshee? banhe? She runs up and down the train, drunk and muffin toppy.

Read the rest of Denise’s post to see if the rowdy kids got their comeuppance.

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Got your own Muni story to tell? Submit it to us so your story can be in the running for the post of the month for May!

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