Busdriver talks on nutty passenger’s cellphone

I was on an outbound 24 Bus this afternoon. Fairly empty. As we zig-zagged from 30th to Mission to Cortland, there seemed to be an agitated passenger bugging the driver. Well, that’s how it looked from the back of the bus where I couldn’t exactly hear the words the guy was saying.

He was yelling, “Hurry up!” presumably at the traffic in front of us, then he leaned across the driver and HONKED THE HORN. I thought (in a selfish muni-riding way) “Oh crap, now we’ll be delayed while the driver deals with this nut.”

Alas, I misread the situation. The nutty guy turned out to be a friend of the busdriver and he was just goofing around. OK! Friends of the driver can honk the horn, check. Also, he dialed a phone and handed it to the driver to talk on.

Here’s the driver on the phone:

on the 24

Not like there’s anything he could hit around. Oh, wait. Is that a school bus right in front of us? Say…

muni driver talkin on a cell phone

Adjacent to that pic is one that has the other guy and the bus #, etc.


We thought we’d seen and heard it all. We’re continually amazed. If you’ve seen crazy (or mundane) shit on Muni lately, let us know.

Photos by peephole

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