Sex God on the 38L


Photo by Flickr user Nitniziv


From Muni rider Karoline …

It was a lazy day – so I took the bus instead of walking. I got lucky, an aisle seat on the 38L near the back door.

Or so I thought.

As we stop near Union square, a child is about one foot away from me. I see her take a big wipe at her runny nose with her hand and then immediately grab the pole. Gross! I remind myself that this is exactly why I wash my hands as soon as I get home.

Then, from the back of the bus I hear a young man is talking to his friend about a sexual encounter. Yes, the snot-child near me could hear it, too. He’s talking very loudly about the AMAZING blow job he got. “She sucked me so good,” he says. “It felt so good” and “her booty was bangin’!”

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