Attack of the Dragon on the 38-Geary

Two demon thingies
Photo by Flicker user Maramusine

I get it, San Francisco is a town full of geeks. Moscone plays hosts to Wonder-Con or Comic-Con or some type of Geek-Con. As we do with all walks of life, San Francisco welcomes the Geeks. So I wasn’t surprised to be riding the 38-Geary and overhear a teenage boy on his cell phone talking about wizards and dragons. It seemed pretty normal actually, until a minute later when his conversation took a turn for the worse.

My ears perked up when he said, “Well, you know, at first when he said he was from another planet I thought he was a gamer, I mean dragons and war lords from other planets are pretty rare, you know.”

(Writer’s note: “Pretty rare?” I think they’re up there with the unicorns my grandma thinks are real, but I digress.)

From what I could gather from his phone conversation, some really scary dragon and alien war lord have arrived in San Francisco and contacted our young friend on the Internet and now want to kill his whole family. It’s unclear why they chose this random kid to have a battle with but my guess is because he’s telling a bus full of people all their alien secrets. With my luck, the dragon will attack the 38 bus while I’m on it.


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