Announcing BART Diaries — Proud Spawn of Muni Diaries!

b.a.r.t. (San Francisco)
Photo by Flickr user thebrandbuilder

You thought you wouldn’t be able to take BART today, but woke up to find some good news — the threatened BART strike was called off. Well, we’ve got even better BART news for you today.

After two years in the womb, the Muni Diaries crew is welcoming our proud little spawn, BART Diaries! Many of you have shared BART tales here, and we figured our speedy little subway deserves its own storytelling space. After all, where else (okay, besides Muni) can you see grown men fight like school girls, erotic magazine on full display, and hear a hot operator’s voice for free?

So if you’re a BART rider, stop by BART Diaries and start sharing your strange and wonderful BART tales. Send us your stories, pictures, videos, and anything else BART-related to You can also follow BART happenings on Twitter @bartdiaries.

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