No Man-Sitting!

no man sitting

Remember the big-balls-having guy from the first Muni Mind Reader episode, the guy whose nuts are so big they take up two seats?

Well, the ladies of Boston had enough of these guys too, and they’ve created a button warning against such behavior.

The AboutWomen project in Boston, who made the button above, also wrote a letter to the MBTA expressing their concern:

We’ve designed a badge for public transportation customers to wear in order to encourage passenger civility. We hope to raise awareness of fellow passenger’s comfort with this visual reminder.

Often, we believe, some T-riders aren’t aware that they’re taking up three seats with their knees. Of course, there are many other discourteous behaviors, like occupying additional seats with your belongings, but the particular posture depicted on our button is the most commonly complained about offense found in our survey of T- passengers.

Read the rest of the letter here.

Thanks to our friends at Tenderblog and the London Underground Tube Diary for this hilarious find.


  • sigh

    As a man who does not sit like that, I think the button is less than clear about the (undeniable) offense.

    • eugenia

      Yeah when I first saw the button I didn’t get it, but upon reading I realized what it meant. How would you remake the button? I think the little guy should look lazier.

      • man

        I wouldn’t remake the button– I’d tell the jerk to move his legs if I need a seat! How is a button supposed to have any effect on a lazy, inconsiderate person who would sit like this? “Man-sitting” is not a widely (or even narrowly) understood term.

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