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The 4-Sutter, a long-time friend, died this October after a lengthy battle with ridership and budgets. The 4-Sutter developed a tiny but loyal following during his lifetime. He is survived by his family of Muni lines.

Okay, there’s my obit for the 4 (sniff, sniff). Where’s yours?

We are collecting obituaries for the poor Muni lines that are getting the axe this fall. Send us your best tales from these lines, or honor the lines with your own death notice. Mark them “Muni Obituary” and send it to by September 30 and we’ll publish them here during October, when the lines go quiet.

We’ve so far received odes to the 20-Columbus and 26-Valencia, but where’s the love for the other dying routes according to the SFMTA website:

* 4-Sutter
* 7-Haight
* 16AX-Noriega “A” Express
* 53-Southern Heights
* 89-Laguna Honda

We’ve also received at least one suggested obituary for one of the route segments that’s getting the guillotine: the 38-Geary Ocean Beach branch. Here’s a list of the other line portions that are going the way of the dodo:

* N-Judah on The Embarcadero and King Street (weekends only)
* 1-California south of Sacramento (weekdays only)
* 2-Clement west of 14th Avenue
* 10-Townsend north of Broadway and to Transbay Terminal
* 12-Folsom/Pacific along The Embarcadero
* 18-46th Avenue along Geary and Point Lobos
* 21-Hayes west of Stanyan
* 29-Sunset in the Presidio north of Baker Beach
* 36-Teresita from Monterey/Foerster to Balboa Park BART
* 38-Geary Ocean Beach branch
* 41-Union between Lyon and Steiner
* 67-Bernal Heights on portions of Crescent and Mission
* 88-BART Shuttle west of I-280
* 108-Treasure Island between Transbay Terminal and Caltrain

Remember, you have until September 30 to pen your draft and get it in to Muni Diaries. We look forward to reading them!


  • eltejano

    What if we’re secretly gloating about a line’s “passing”?

    I live near the 4’s origin point(s) and it wakes me up before 6 every morning with it’s weird electric growl as it comes down the street.

    It usually leaves w/o any passengers too- at least until after 7:30ish when it takes a handful of people …

    I will not miss the 4. I took it a few times just to see how it was and it was like a slow version of the 2 or the 1.

    The few passengers I ever saw on it liked the spaciousness compared to the 1. ..

    I hope its overhead wires (that aren’t shared with other lines) are ripped out and made into cool buttons or muni memorabilia

    I guess I’ll try to think of something positive about the 4 and send it in.

  • * 2-Clement west of 14th Avenue
    * 18-46th Avenue along Geary and Point Lobos
    * 38-Geary Ocean Beach branch

    Oh no! I didn’t know all these line portions will be cut off…that makes me sad! There will be less options for me to get home north of Balboa now…:(

    I’ll surely be writing some obituaries for these particular route segments.

  • DanB

    I’m really liking the proposed 12 reroute down Sansome, that seems to make more sense than its current routing. The others: Meh.

  • Seven

    Still astonished the MTA is keeping the always-empty 66 bus.

    And hey, 66 drivers, since we’re keeping your useless route, could you at least slow down your empty buses at stop signs? I’m not asking you to stop, but just slow down a little so pedestrians have a chance, ok?

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