Third Group Attack on T-Third Line

T-Third pulling into the Sunnydale Station
Photo by Flickr user sfistrita

Last weekend saw another violent group attack at a T-Third station in Bayview SFGate reports. This is the third of such attack since January:

The latest attack happened at 7:45 p.m. Saturday at Third Street and Williams Avenue. The victim, a 29-year-old man, was riding home on the T-Third line when a group of five youths, all about 14 to 16 years old, started to punch him, police say. The youths got off the train but the victim stayed on and reported the attack to the operator, said police spokesman Officer Albie Esparza.

The man was treated at San Francisco General Hospital and released, according to the police spokeman. As SFist and ABC7 pointed out, a woman was attacked by a group of teens last week on a Muni platform on Third Street. The surveillance camera recorded what appears to be a teenager grabbing her by the neck and throwing her on to the rails. A 15-year-old has been arrested in connection with that attack, ABC7 reports. The woman is recovering.

Another man, who was 83, was attacked by a group of teens from behind after he left a bus stop on Third; he died in March.

We’ve heard our share of Muni violence, ranging from some fisty fracas to a really touchy situation involving guns (and let’s not even mention the fights caught on YouTube). But this group situation seems like a scary new thing. Police are stepping up patrols in the Third Street corridor, according to CBS5.

We hope police are able to bring the situation under control soon, and we can return to regular, nonviolent, non-criminal Muni coverage.


  • Hate Crimes Prevention Act

    These attacks are plain and simple as being racially motivated attack upon Asian-Americans living within bay view district . All of the victims in those attacks are Asian-Americans and those attackers are all African-Americans, add them together and what do you get is hate crime against Asian-Americans. Police department and district attorney apply “Hate Crimes Prevention Act” upon these cases and press full charges against all perpetrator that are involve in these acts.

  • SFLocal

    These attacks on asian americans are outrageous! We need to come together to make our voices heard. I am interested in hearing about organizations that I can get involved with to get law enforcement to act on these sick acts! These cowardly bastards need to be arrested and punished for what they’ve done to the gentleman who died, and the woman and man who was wrongfully attacked. I am thoroughly disgusted at how these teens are still roaming the streets of San Francisco.

  • Muni customer

    Apparently there was another attack on the T-car yesterday morning (2 August, 2010), before 8 AM.

    A white woman was set upon by a group of teens, they beat her and stole her wallet and computer.

    I have not found any reports in the newspapers,
    anyone know any more?

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