• Rob Nagle

    he’s probably just getting some air, you know how these vehicles can stink from time to time. Notice well-placed Examiner right behind him, with the Muni drivers onboard story to boot!

  • piratesnack

    The stanky leg?

  • creating new stink in the process of trying to relieve one?

  • JC

    If not for the garb, I’d almost say it’s a MUNI exercise routine. Like one of those “boot camps” which I always see advertised on those cards some *&^A! always leaves on my windshield (which get all sticky in the fog/sun mix and don’t come off grrrrrr) where you pay someone a ridiculous sum of money to exercise using existing City fixtures and landmarks.
    “Pay me $50 a session to make you run up and down the Lyon Street stairs!” Maybe someone’s charging to do “MUNI Squats.”

  • Tony

    he’s airing out his pits…it’s a male Muni activity

  • I’ve seen this happen on the 19 before. He threw up out the window.

  • emforafew

    haha actually…his two friends were spread out in the next three rows (there were only 3 people in the group) and he was just standing there talking to them, doing a little chair lunge with his buttocks in the other passenger’s face.

    He was basically just taking up a lot of room so i snuck a picture.


    I think he is just in a relaxing position and being free to himself while on the muni.

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