Printable SFMTA Memo Re: Broken Clipper Card Readers

In the comments on this morning’s post by Rachel, a reader suggested that we all print out the memo from SFMTA directing Muni operators to let us ride when the Clipper card-readers are broken (to treat the situation exactly as they do broken fare boxes). I thought it was an excellent suggestion, and in the interests of better serving you, dear reader, I’ve posted the memo again.

Click the image to get the jpg by itself. From there, either right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) and download the jpg. Print it out, stash it somewhere safe, and produce it in the event you encounter an operator who hasn’t got the memo. (I’ll never get sick of whipping out that phrase. Heh.)

And of course, if you ever do need to show a driver the memo you printed out from Muni Diaries, be sure to let us all know!


  • What a joke riders have to LITERALLY tell Muni operators how to do their jobs. Oh, you didn’t get the memo? Here it is. It’s no wonder this is one of the worst public transport systems among world class cities. When will Clipper Bots take over driving duties?

  • Salmon Dave

    …yeah…this morning on the 1 California…my trans-link did NOT work on the FRONT machine…instead of just letting me sit down…the driver made me go to the OTHER back machine to verify myself…WHY are WE doing ALL the WORK???…

  • Rachael

    Salmon Dave- I get that from a guy on the 1 a lot, too. And yeah, it’s sad that I have to print up the memo but I really do think that the problem is that MUNI is just not disseminating info well to drivers. So I see it as an administration problem first, driver problem second.

  • Kelsey

    It’s ironic that I just read this post yesterday morning. Because when I got on the bus yesterday afternoon, the Clipper machine was broken. Yeehaw!

  • Never had a problem with drivers letting me on with my card when the readers are broken, but boy are they broken frequently!

    I ride about 3 buses a day, and I’d put it at least 2 or three a week broken translink readers.

    From my casual observation, the breakdowns do seem to happen more frequently with the older buses.

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