• Erik

    Clearly the sign is from an alternate timeline.

  • Concerned

    2004. Unlikely since 311 launched in September 2005. C’mon Muni.

  • Carlos

    wow talk about half baked. Posting flyers without seeing the 53 on it when everybody knows the 53 line is no longer running.. ahh dont feel like waiting for the 30ft orion.. but good eye, Jessie. for posting this.. its a time like this that i want to put a simpsons moment so..

    nelson: HAW HAW!

  • Oh yes, there are lots of memories left over from the December 5th Service Changes, some of them permanent. For example, there are still Muni flags that are all over the Presidio where the 29 used to run, and I was waiting for the 38 today by Washington High School and noticed the bus shelter still had the 2-line sticker up.

  • Oh yes, and parts of their website have still not been updated to reflect the recent service changes. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you an example: http://www.sfmta.com/cms/mcust/visitors.htm

  • Muni has been recycling material from past years. The 15-Third made an appearance on Muni’s website years after the T-Third was in place. Even a repeat typo shows-up on an annual basis like the 18 “43rd” Avenue.

    • Right, but this specific sign can’t have been recycled. The race hasn’t been run on a “July 25” going back at least through 2003. And, as “Concerned” noted, that predates the launch of 311 (2007).

      • Anonymouse

        The MTA’s Alan Siegel (now retired, which is too bad because he was great), used to make these Rider/Customer Alert signs based on information given to him from DPT. Whoever replaced him is probably going off from the same source.

        Charles Belov is in charge of the website. Send him an email here – http://www.sfmta.com/cms/acontact/formsite.htm

  • Henry Larry

    The perpetual confusion surrounding Muni operations is mind boggling. You would think they would have sorted out their routes by now.
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