Goats at the Muni Yard


Rider Anna sent in this picture that I just had to post:

I was headed to Trader Joe’s on Saturday morning and glimpsed some unexpected wildlife in the weedy area behind the fence leading down to the Muni bus lot. Apparently these guys were brought in to control the plant population! It was so strange! There was a whole crowd just in awe of the little guys. Totally out of place and kind of a shock early in the morning.

Wow, I don’t know what I’d do if I saw this in the morning before I had my coffee. Got any unexpected sightings on and around Muni? Let us know!


  • This isn’t that uncommon, actually. I’ve seen them at the CCSF Muni stop and across from Forest Hill.


  • cmh

    Yeah, I’ve also seen them a few times. Though, I too was a bit surprised and taken aback when I saw them the first time. They were on the hill just south of Russian Hill Park.

    Also saw them over in the East Bay, riding my bike up Tunnel Road. There they were, just hanging out on the side of the road.

  • elizabeth skow

    I think these are the goats from, I kid you not, Goats-R-Us.

  • dangerousD

    Yes, thats City Grazing. They lend goats to businesses all over the bay area.

  • LOL, but really the best way to go. I remember when I moved to SF, that they had posted at Craiglist job under ETC to tend to a herd of these type goats. Matti

  • Megan

    Yeah, this isn’t uncommon–although, it’s always a little funny. There was an abandoned Navy base by my house in my hometown and I could see the goats having their fill when I drove by sometimes. Then there was the time they got out in the middle of the night and they were eating the plants in front of the cemetery. That was good for a laugh.

  • Ben

    SUQEEEEEE! Rent-a-goats! I love it! Totally made my day to walk by some munching goats at Masonic today.

  • Henry Larry

    Natures interventions can be so unexpected yet refreshing. Witnessing goats in an urban setting like the Muni Yard is a fascinating blend of the wild and the cityscape.
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