Off the Hook! Muni Diaries Fast Pass T-Shirts

If you need one more reason to go to Muni Diaries Live tomorrow at the Make-Out Room, here’s one: the brand spankin’ new Muni Diaries Fast Pass T-shirts, hot off the presses, modeled here by our lovely Tara Ramroop.

With the type A Fast Pass being phased out Monday, what better way to memorialize our beloved montly passes than these shirts? They are designed by New Skool‘s Nate1, who is also an in-house artist at Secession Art and Design in the Mission.

We’ll be selling Muni Diaries T-shirts at Muni Diaries Live tomorrow with a show discount. You can also buy these shirts, sweatshirts, and Fast Pass baby onesies at Secession Art and Design.

Take a closer look at Nate’s handywork:

That’s some serious awesome sauce right there.


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