Where to find poets, twisted minds, and $4 sidecars

Photo by Amber Wolf

What kind of misfit poet would write this:

She stole my heart,
he told me,
and nine months later,
she stole the rest of my shit.

And what kind of twisted hilarious mind would say this?

“I cannot fully shave my Vietnamese accent from my American tongue. Sometimes my ‘clue’ can sound a bit like your ‘glue,’ and other times, when stressed, my ‘bitch’ sounds like your ‘peach.'”

That’s just a little tid bit from our performers — Bucky Sinister and Andrew Lam, respectively. I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got in store for us tonight on stage.

The Make-Out Room is also offering a bonus for Muni riders today: show your Fast Pass, Clipper card, or Muni transfer, and get a delicious Side Car for only $4. Oh, and all Maker’s Mark drinks are $1 off tonight. Don’t let the rain keep you away from Muni Diaries Live!

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