Kicking Off Muni Fashion Friday

James Taylor, CCSF student & Stylist

San Francisco is a fashionable city, and we look good riding the bus. To celebrate that, we’d like to start a little fun post that we call Muni Fashion Friday. Here’s how it works: submit a photo of a fashionable rider on and around Muni, and you can win a prize from our post sponsor. Our first sponsor is Secession Arts and Design, where you’ll find mixed-media art, beautiful clothes, and jewelry.

The deadline for submission for our first Fashion Friday will be Thursday, Nov. 18.

To give you some inspiration, here are some fantastic photos of fashionable Muni riders taken by Racine Serrano. Racine is a student at San Francisco State University. She said:

“In a city where fashion can be spun any which way, I found individuals whose personal attention to detail forces those around them to pay attention and observe the story their personal style tells. Some people are blessed with not only a keen sense of fashion and a great eye for what works well together — whether it be color, prints, or patterns; they also have the confidence that exudes far past the garments they so skillfully engineer together.”

In the photo above, James Taylor, a student at City College of San Francisco, waits for the F while sipping his iced green tea. His military-inspired style was sourced by H&M, American Apparel shorts, vintage hat and belt, and Marc Jacobs boots.

Racine caught up with more fashionable Muni riders:

Kayla Jaramillo, SF State Art major

Kayla Jaramillo, SF State Art major, was on a break and waiting for the M inbound to do some shopping in West Portal. Clothing: compilation of vintage finds from all over SF. Jewelry: vintage pieces, including a Sergio Gutierrez bracelet, Urban Outfitters boots.

Leilani Thompson, Sac State Nursing student

Leilani was just about to hop on the J to the Greyhound station to head back to Elk Grove after visiting family for the weekend. Cardigan: Urban Outfitters. Tank and leggings: Forever 21, Handbag: Nine West, Boots: Bakers

Javier Francis, CCSF Fashion Merchandise Marketing student

Javier Francis, CCSF Fashion Merchandise Marketing student, Javier exits Civic Center Muni heading to the Academy of Arts for a go-see (model casting call.) Leather bomber jacket: Zara. Tee: Hans. Acid-wash denim: Levis. Snakers: True Religion

Bianca Solorzano, SF State Student & American Apparel VM

Bianca Solorzano, SF State Student and American Apparel VM. She was waiting for the 49 to see some friends. Coat: Ruffian. Crop top: American Apparel. High waisted trousers: Vintage. Shoes and bag: Marc Jacobs.

Inspired? The next time you see someone rocking some seriously good fashion, take a picture of them, let them know that it is for Muni Diaries Fashion Friday (and that they look beautiful), and send the picture to us!


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