What Would Lady Gaga Wear on Muni?

Photo by Lilah Johnson

Lady Gaga, you got a call, it’s from the Muni Diaries store!

We said goodbye to the type “A” Fast Pass this week, but you can show your beloved monthly passes (and Muni Diaries) some love with these shirts. They are designed by New Skool‘s Nate1, who is also an in-house artist at Secession Art and Design.

Here’s what the shirt looks like if you don’t have a soda can wig to go with it:

This design is also available in baby onesies and adult hoodies at Secession Art and Design on 3361 Mission Street (and 30th Street).


I’ve got my bubble wrap ready so check out the Muni Diaries store if you want to buy one of these awesome shirts!

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