The Great Muni Shelter Giveaway (Update)

Photo by Alyssa Jones

(Update) Vote for who gets to take this Muni shelter home! Poll closes at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 29. Winner will be announced at the I Live Here:SF closing reception on Tuesday, Nov. 30, 5-7 p.m. at SOMArts, 934 Brannan Street.

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You know that awesome Muni shelter that we’ve been talking about at SOMArts? The one that you’ve been covering with your stories and cartoon captions?

Well, it can be yours. Yes, seriously.

We are having perhaps our biggest give-away ever. The truth is that the Muni shelter at SOMArts needs a home in less than two weeks. And if you can haul it, it’s yours.

Think of the possibilities: BBQ under a real bus stop in your backyard. Bartend on the playa under a bonafide 30-Stockton bus stop. Dine al fresco on your front lawn, protected from the elements under the bus shelter. The shelter comes with a two-sided advertising space that actually works, and you can put anything you want in these huge light boxes. Currently photos of I Live Here:SF subjects Chloe and myself are in the advertising space.

Send us an email if you are interested in the bus shelter. But do it soon — we have until Dec. 2 to find the Muni shelter a new home.

Photo by Dan McKinley

2010.11.10 Wednesday
Photo by annieinseattle

Muni shelter at SOMArts


  • pearlharbor

    Cool! Wish I lived in SF, I would totally take it!

  • This would be a great addition to a backyard… You could hang a hammock inside it, or use it to cover a small table and chairs. Ah, if only I had a yard….

  • This shelter would go nicely with my Muni bus:

  • You could put it on wheels and cart it around with you for those rainy days when the new shelters won’t keep you dry. It could be a community umbrella.

    I have to add that the closing night reception is November 30 (Tuesday) from 5-7pm if you want to see this shelter lit up in all its glory with the rest of the I Live Here:SF show at SOMArts. Then it all goes away… 🙁

  • EH

    Looks pretty cool and it could totally work in my apartment (if it can be disassembled), but I dunno…the 30? Not sure I want trash like that stinking up the place.

  • Belgand

    What about the radical idea of putting it in at one of the many, many stops that don’t have shelters. During the changes last year they took out some of my nearby stops along the 21, which was a good idea because there were too many, the problem is that they only took out the ones with shelters and never replaced them. So now the only shelter at the (new) end of the 21 is the last stop before the end of the line. Outbound.

    I love how Muni works as hard as possible to significantly reduce the rider experience.

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