And the Great Muni bus shelter goes to …

Muni shelter at SOMArts

A bus shelter turned into public art? Next time you see a bus stop, think again: this may very well be in our near future.

In internet time, it seems like forever ago when we were looking for someone to give a 30-Stockton bus shelter a good home. Thanks to the generosity of SFMTA, the bus stop has been a fun addition to Julie Michelle’s I Live Here: SF exhibit at SOMArts. Last week you voted for who gets to take the beast home, and the winner, receiving 1,616 votes, is Michael Burstein. He has been rumored to have changed Bush Street to Obama Street, installed swings on BART, and placed mistletoe throughout the city last Christmas, among other things.

Michael has said that the bus shelter should be “public art” and promised to use it for something “whimsical, interactive, and possibly flammable.” Interesting! Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll. We’ll keep you updated on what happens to the bus stop.

All the enthusiasm for the bus shelter only made us realize once again how much public transportation is a part of our daily lives. If you spotted something funny on Muni or overheard a conversation that made you think, share it here with your fellow riders. Let’s blow up the party talk!


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