• Brandon

    6 hours? He didn’t even bother to ride it the whole route?

    • Hi Brandon, six hours was actually the whole route — if by route you mean bus driver’s shift. It was a part-time driver. I’d spent the morning on the 27 Bryant and, after the 49 driver was done with his six-hour shift that night, I hopped on the replacement 49, as well. But my assignment was to cover one shift, and I did.

  • amazing fucking idea. I want to do a photo story on the 27..since it’s right outside my house.

  • Judy

    I didn’t know these reporters existed… One time I was on the 38 or 49 maybe, and this guy whipped out his camera and propped it up on his books and clicked it thinking I wasn’t aware that he was taking a picture of me -_- That freaked me out for a while

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