Dress Your Clipper Card Up Like a Fast Pass

As convenient as they may be, the Clipper Card hasn’t won any beauty contests. If you’re mourning the loss of our beloved colorful paper Fast Passes, we’ve got something for you: our new Clipper Card holders that actually look like a Fast Pass on the outside! These Clipper Card holders just arrived at the Muni Diaries Etsy shop. They are laminated for durability, and feature two clear pockets inside for your Clipper Card and a few credit cards or IDs.

Each Clipper Card Holder also features a vintage Muni map, showing various San Francisco ‘hoods and old Muni lines alongside those we know and love. Check ’em out:

These Clipper Card holders are lovingly crafted by Heather L. of Heathered and designed by Suzanne Lagasa.

Get them at the Muni Diaries store today!


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