No more 2.5-hour wait for the 38

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Veteran Muni scribe Akit, of Akit’s Complaint Department, has scored what he calls a “huge victory,” and we agree.

Through his own vigilant postings, Akit brought attention to the fact that riders were experiencing a 2.5-hour gap in service between the 38L-Geary and regular old 38-Geary out in the Outer Richmond. The last 38L to run on Saturdays left 48th Avenue headed inbound at 5:37 p.m. The next 38-Geary to leave the same location after that was scheduled to leave at 8:02 p.m. Yes, you read those times right.

If you were a passenger there, you were out of luck if you wanted to catch an inbound bus between 5:37-8:02 p.m., unless you were willing and able to walk three long blocks away to either the 31-Balboa or 5-Fulton stops at Cabrillo and La Playa.

But like we said, Akit scored a victory here. Read about Muni’s reaction over at Akit’s Complaint Deparment.

Congrats, Akit and Outer Richmond Muni riders!

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