Photo Diary: Color Tiles

Color Ties
Photo by Ariel Dovas

A San Francisco street, or some kind of fantastic manmade urban plate tectonics?

We’ve featured a great many photographers from our Muni Photos Flickr pool, so it seems appropriate to bring up that the deadline for submission for the 200 Yards photography experiment is coming up on Feb. 14 (next Monday). The idea is to explore the 200 yard radius of where the photographs will be shown. This time, the show will be at Free Gold Watch — 1767 Waller St. @ Stanyan. Well, the 33, 37, 43, N-Judah, and 71 all pass through the area within 200 yards of Free Gold Watch, so will our public transportation make a guest appearance at the show? I’ve got fingers crossed.

Submission guidelines for 200 Yards, presented by Lightbox SF.

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