Do You Have a Favorite Muni Driver?

22 Fillmore
Photo by coreythrace

Do you know your Muni driver? Rachel over at Fog City Notes has struck up a friendship with her favorite driver on the 22:

I got on the 22 this morning and the driver, my favorite 22 Fillmore driver, touched my arm and started to say something. I took off my headphones.
“Sweetheart, this is my last week on this route,” he said. “I’ll be driving the bus after this one.”
“Oh no!” I said. I squeezed his shoulder. “We’ll miss you. You’ve been great.”
“Thank you, thanks,” he said.
The end of an era, but hopefully our new driver will be just as friendly and thoughtful.

Rachel documents many of her Muni rides, featuring her favorite drivers and passengers. Check it out on Fog City Notes. We’ve featured many great drivers — including tales from the driver’s seat to another driver who held a party on the bus. What’s your story with your favorite Muni driver?


  • Daishin

    I would say that I’m an equal opportunity despiser of all MUNI drivers. Of course there was a time when drivers were actually human, but those days are long past. 🙂

  • Melissa

    108 Treasure Island, weekdays, afternoons/early evenings: Latino, young, tall, fine,shaved head, soul patch, wedding ring (sigh!). Excellent driver. My favorite MUNI driver.

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