Ski Down the 14-L in Bernalwood

If San Francisco had snow, Bernal Heights would be the perfect ski resort. And its best black diamond ski run? It’s called the 14-Limited, of course.

Todd Lappin at the terrific Bernalwood dreamed up this winter wonderland and named a run after the 14-L:

14 Limited is the mountain’s longest and most challenging run. A steep plunge down Bernal’s northwest face, the ride is as intense as the MUNI bus line from which it takes its name. The line down 14L takes you off the nose at the top of the hill, shooting you through the tree glade below the former roadbed and all the way down to the base of the Stoneman Chair.

Cruise over to Bernalwood to see what the best ski resort in San Francisco looks like, including a view from the top of the 14-Limited. Who knows, it could get cold enough this weekend. I’m ready to wear my best apre-ski outfit to Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack.

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