New Clipper Card Holders with Real Fast Passes

Are you sad about losing those colorful, so-very-SF paper Muni Fast Passes like we are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Dress up your Clipper Card with these Muni Diaries Fast Pass Clipper Card holders, now with a real Fast Pass on the cover! Flip it open and there are two pockets for your Clipper Card and a few credit cards/IDs/paper money.

Each Clipper Card holder features vintage paper Muni maps, laminated on both sides for durability. They fit easily into your wallet, backpocket, purse, or socks (old-school style).

These Clipper Card holders are available now in the Muni Diaries Etsy store. They were lovingly crafted by Heather L., and designed by Suzanne LaGasa.

Months available:
Mar 06
April 06
May 06
Nov 07
(The January 2010 holder seen in the photo above was purchased already!)

We’ll be adding more of these to the Muni Diaries store in the next few days so if you don’t see a month that you want, check back there or at Heather’s store!


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