Shell Game Guys At It Again On Muni

People just won’t quit. Last March we reported about a group of guys scamming Muni passengers with the “three cup shuffle” game, which, as we found out, is almost certainly illegal. A month later a rider even sent us a video of the scammers in action (above). This made it into television news later in the summer. Despite the publicity, the problem hasn’t stopped. Rider Jon S. wrote us yesterday:

I just wanted to note that these guys are at it again. They were on the 38 Bus outbound. They got on while it was on Market Street and jumped off at Union Square when I started mouthing off to one of the heavies and went for my phone to call the police.

Good on you, Jon. Last time we posted about this, a rider told us that this game is one of the oldest tricks in the scammers’ handbook, so don’t fall for it!

Seen something that affects your daily ride? Let us know.


  • JimmyD

    What’s sad is the number of people who still don’t know this is a con.

  • Franny

    Yeah, I saw this happen on the back of muni one day a couple years ago. And all the people around the \mark\ were like – DONT DO IT, ITS A SCAM! DONT DO IT!

    Of course, did he listen? nope.

  • matt

    I was on the 5(??) a few years back and saw some out of town girls get scammed several hundred bucks. it was quite the whirlwind.

  • Nicole

    I saw this happen on the 38 a couple of years ago as well. Two French girls got scammed out of hundreds of dollars. I couldn’t believe they actually fell for it.

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