Cool Idea: Muni Media Map Project

Intent on a book riding MUNI's 38 Geary
Photo by Adrian Cotter

Rachel Cassandra from the art collective Revel Art wants to know: how do you feel about your Muni line? She is looking for artists to create work inspired by their Muni line, which will later be a part of a multimedia exhibit. Of course this idea is right up our alley. (And bonus points from me because Revel Art installed a great community altar at the Day of the Dead parade, my favorite San Francisco activity. Watch the time-lapse video on Revel Art‘s website.)

Details from Rachel Cassandra:

The Muni Media Map:

What: A multi-media exhibit featuring work inspired by each of the Muni Bus/Train Lines accompanied by a giant, wall-sized map referencing each piece.
Want: We want you to choose a Muni line, and explore it through any medium you choose: dance, baking, portraiture, video, photography, prose, sound, and more!
How to submit: Fill out this handy Proposal Survey or the Call for Submissions form. Email Rachel Cassandra for an address if you want to go the snail mail route.
Other important stuff: We want to represent as many lines as possible, so we’re only allotting one project per line, unless you would like to collaborate. We’ll assign routes as they come in, so send us your submission soon.
The Big Show: The Muni Media Map exhibit will be shown on Saturday, May 28th at the Schoolhouse as part of the 100 Days of Spring show!

(The image above is from Adrian  Cotter, one of our favorite on-the-bus iphone artists. Check out his sketches on the J-Church and 12-Folsom.)

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