Tell a Muni Story, Win a Chrome Messenger Bag

If you get up on stage to tell a Muni story during the audience story portion of Muni Diaries Live, you can win a Chrome messenger bag!

Chrome says that their bags are weatherproof and city-proof. By the looks of it, I would guess that they’re Muni/Caltrain-proof, too. When I picked up the bag from the very nice folks at Chrome, I was very tempted to keep it for myself. But you know what? I have ethics. Take a look at this bag:

Look at what this bag can do:

Essentials. ‘Nuf said, right?

The reviews for this bag are as awesome as the bag itself. Reviewers call this bag “sweet,” “killer,” and “legit beyond all means.” Chrome also has men’s and women’s clothing (even socks), all extremely functional for the urban dweller and totally anti-nonsense. So get your story ready for tomorrow. This bag (street cred optional) can be yours.

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  • Siobhan Casey

    I about a year ago I was riding home on the 31 express at the usual time with the usual and our usual driver (He always had a smile and a hello for everyone). On the way back home one of the regular riders had fallin asleep and missed his stop. The driver went about half a block and then realized that the passeger was still on the bus. He stopped the bus and went back to where the passenger was sitting and woke him up to let him know about his stop. I thought that was awesome.

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