Muni Media Map Art Show This Saturday

What are these good people doing, you ask? These are the participants of a Muni prom on the L for a project called Muni Media Map, where artists select a specific Muni line to explore in a medium of his choice. Zoe Burton picked the L line, where riders dressed in their finest prom wear and rode the train together.

From the organizers:

The Muni Media Map is a celebration of that glorious chaos: a collaborative multimedia exhibition organized by Revel Art Collective including 20+ Bay Area participants. Each artist selected a specific Muni line to explore in a medium of their choice, including sculpture, sound, music, mixed media collage, illustration, performance art, video, time lapse photography, interviews, comics, and participatory events. The Muni Media Map displays and integrates these investigations as a giant interpretive map of the city, transforming the gallery itself into an installation.

This Saturday you can see the Muni media map on display as a part of the 100 Days of Spring show.


Saturday, May 28th
5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
The Schoolhouse
1592 Market St. at Page and Franklin (map)

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