Where Banksy Meets Caltrain

Photo by Angela Kilduff

Update: Just as soon as it appeared, the “I apologise” Banksy (ish) painting has been painted over a few days after we posted. Sigh. So fleeting.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So Banksy should be feeling pretty pumped right now (or if I was him, I would be). A Banksy-esque piece of graffiti has been spotted near the 22nd St. Caltrain Station. We’re guessing it’s new, based on the number of reports about it we’ve seen today. We’re also guessing it isn’t Banksy, since there haven’t been other sightings.

Muni Diarist Eugenia also nabbed a photo as she sped by this morning.

Anyone know who’s behind this imitation/emulation or when it showed up?


  • Judy

    I’ve seen a banksyesque pasted near van ness at a 47 bus stop. they are rennovating the place so they took it down as I was walking by..

  • Andrew

    The “I apologise” grafitti is back at the 22nd street stop. It may have been painted over, but somebody didn’t want to stop at that. I really like this piece. It was one of the few displays of grafitti that made me stop and think. I for one, hope it stays for a good. If the person who painted it sees this post, thank you for your addition to an otherwise drab and ininspiring stretch of concrete.

    • eugenia

      I thought I saw it this morning but wasn’t sure because I was pre-coffee. I really really do love this piece and wish it wasn’t painted over so often.

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