Photographers Wanted: Step Up to Shoot for ‘I Live Here: SF’

Photo: Julie Michelle/tangobaby

Since 2009, photographer Julie Michelle has documented some of the most interesting parts of San Francisco — its people — in her I Live Here: SF series. Our own Muni Diaries editor and co-founder Eugenia was one of her subjects, as was Lil Miss Hot Mess, pictured above. Julie’s a great friend of our site, capturing laughs at Muni Diaries Live to having us participate in her I Live Here: SF show at SOMArts. (The one with the Muni bus shelter and the resultant fighting over said Muni bus shelter.) As big believers in the shared urban experience, as well as the idea that everyone has a story to tell, we’re all peas in a curious pod.

Now, Julie turns the lens inward as she navigates troubled waters, sharing a little about herself:

I love this city. I love it for all of the things that make it visually and emotionally beautiful. I even love the unpleasant things about the city, in a way. Because no thing shines as brightly without a shadow somewhere in the picture.

I realize now that this project is not just mine, but part of the bigger community here: the one that has encouraged and supported me, and also one that wanted to share and be discovered.

There are people who have written stories and are waiting on me to photograph them, and I simply cannot say when that will happen again. But I want their stories and images to be shared here, and perhaps some of you would like to join in.

Photographers: if this sounds like you, let Julie know you’re interested in stepping up to the plate for an installment of I Live Here: SF. Here’s contact info for Julie Michelle, plus additional details, toward the bottom of her post.

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