Happy Hours with Muni Diaries and I Live Here:SF (update)

Photo by Alyssa Jones

What is happening here? Is that a real Muni shelter inside SOMArts gallery?

Yup, and next Wednesday you’ll be able to drink under the bus stop at the Muni Diaries Happy Hours, in conjunction with I Live Here:SF and SOMArts.

For one night, SOMArts will become a space for you to record your own Muni story for a digital story capsule. We will be on hand to record your story, whether it’s audio, video, text, or art, in the Muni Diaries story booth — under a real Muni shelter. This was a really amazing feat, thanks to the help of SFMTA. We could hardly believe it when the shelter was delivered to the gallery.

Your stories will be collected on a new page we’ll be unveiling on Muni Diaries called Muni Time Capsule, a treasure trove of photos, schedules, maps, stories (we hope!), and ephemera from Muni days gone by.

Inside the gallery you’ll see photographs by Julie Michelle, the mastermind behind I Live Here:SF, art by Chris Rusak, and collection of film archived by Rick Prelinger.

Update: And did we mention the food that will be on-hand to help you sop up your happy hour libations? Well, we’re pleased to announce that Sataysfied, Casey’s Pizza, and Nosh This will on hand to help keep you satisfied.

Happy Hours with Muni Diaries and I Live Here:SF
Wednesday, Nov. 17, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
SOMArts: 934 Brannan Street (cross street is 8th Street)
Take Muni there: 12, 19, 27, 47.

The main gallery is packed with so much great stuff, you’d have to come see it for yourself. A sneak peek:

i live here: SF opening reception
Photo by somarts

Photo by  Donald Kinney

Art by Chris Rusak — you should read about how his work at SOMArts is inspired by the stories of the portrait subjects.

Photo by Lee de Broff

Eden from Secession Art and Design will also be there with the transit-themed shirts and onesies you loved so much at our last event. See you next Wednesday!

  1. alyssa

    Yes, the show is AMAZING. anyone who hasnt seen it..needs to get off their ass RIGHT NOW, and go take a peek. Also, im sad ill be working during the happy hours.

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  2. julie

    I can’t wait! Thanks so much for being part of my show… as you know the bus shelter is awesome in the gallery. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. ;-)

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  3. Pappu

    What an incredible show. Very inspiring and I’m glad to have another opportunity to see it!

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