Pay It Forward for Photographer Julie Michelle

self portrait: she lives here.

It’s time to pay it forward for San Francisco photographer and Muni Diaries friend Julie Michelle.

Muni Diaries readers have enjoyed Julie’s work in the last three years. The beloved local photographer runs I Live Here:SF, the project that started out as an open invitation to simply practice portrait photography. The project has become a great documentation of the people of San Francisco and has resulted in gallery shows, a book, and a community.

Julie’s life partner Lee suffered a stroke a few weeks ago, and her photo subjects are banding together to help.

Julie Michelle of needs some help. Lee, her partner of many years had a massive stroke recently. We’re throwing a fundraiser event to help them get a handle on the massive expenses that come along with getting sick these days.

Come to a fundraising party at the San Francisco Motorcycle Club (shot by Julie Michelle here) on Sunday the 18th from 3:00 to 7:00. There will music, drinks, good people, and a raffle. Donations will be gladly accepted in person, but if you can’t make the event, there is a ChipIn campaign already running here.

The outpouring of support for Julie is a testament to the wonderful community she’s built through photography. If anything, come and meet some fellow San Franciscans who love our city as much as you.

Here are some of our favorite photos (featuring Muni, of course!) taken by Julie.


After school on the 22.




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