Rickroll, Tattoos, and Love Stories: Count Down 2011 in Muni Tales

2011 rewind [no pants subway ride]: underground movement
Photo by Bhautik Joshi

Life on Muni/BART is never boring: this year’s Muni Diaries entries brought you tattoos, live rickroll, and so much more unexpected stuff that you just can’t make up. Here is our tribute to 2011 — 12 great Muni stories that made the year.

  1. Real Live Rick Roll on Muni. Genius.
  2. Girl With the Muni Tattoo. This story is probably better than the movie.
  3. “I ran into my dad and he was driving Muni!” True story.
  4. Muni Drinking Game. More dangerous than riding the bus.
  5. Wil’s Muni love story warms the coldest of hearts. I’m waiting for the wedding invitation any day now.
  6. RIP Jesse Morris. A incredible talent that touched many lives.
  7. J-Church Got Meat. You never know what you’re gonna find, do you?
  8. Old School Dance Moves on Muni.  These kids can move.
  9. Muni monsters. Watch out!
  10. Cops, Muni, Occupy SF. The comedy writes itself.
  11. Big Buck Hunter on Muni. Mobile version needs some work.
  12. Best Muni themed wedding ever? Even the chocolate is shaped like the bus!

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