The Accordion Files — Cool Things in Muni’s Squishy Part

MUNI 7012
Photo by Frank Deanrdo

Yesterday, I posted about this guy’s Christmas Chuck Taylors. I said that some of the most interesting stuff happens in the accordion: those four seats in the squishy middle of articulated buses. Then, @SF_CableCar offered this suggestion:

Fun! Maybe you should start a section dedicated to unusual happenings in the accordion part of the bus & call it ‘The Accordion Files.’

Cable cars have the best ideas. Ask and ye shall receive.

Forget the back of the bus; sit in the gooey center and tell us what’s happening in it. You, too, might find great shoes or, as Jeff did a few years ago, a guy who rubs his snot on the handrail. Ew!

This idea couldn’t have come at a better time. On the 38 recently, I sat in the accordion and wondered what would happen if I and the three others had to make like Sandra Bullock and save the bus or even the world. Indeed, what if I, the lady praying her rosary, the girl with 80 shopping bags in the aisle, and the impeccably dressed older gentleman were humanity’s only hope? The accordion does wacky things to a lone rider with a dead phone.

Though we may never see that level of excitement, we still want to hear about it. Email us, tweet us @munidiaries, or chat us up on the Muni Diaries Facebook Page.


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