Muni Time Capsule: Tug-Metro Pulls Its Predecessor to Pasture

Image from a video by Jeremy W.

Over at Muni Time Capsule this morning, we bring video and photos of a scene earlier in the week. Using a two-car Breda LRV, Muni tugged one of its few remaining old Boeing streetcars from Mint Yard (behind Safeway on Market) to Metro Yard (near Balboa Park).

Click on over to Muni Time Capsule to learn more of Muni’s past.


  • Jim

    The only time in this decade you’ll see a 3-car train…on the J.

  • Tofu

    If hipsters on Valencia can do their version of 80’s retro then it also must be time to restore some of these old orange “antique” cars. Now let me just get some batteries for my walkman so I can ride MUNI listening to the Thompson Twins.

  • They finally moved it? That old Boeing LRV has been sitting there for years. Will they restore it and use it on the F-line? Because that would be fun.

    (Also: who knew that these cars could be coupled?)

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