Update: Return of a Favorite Muni Driver

One of our favorite Muni drivers has returned to the wheel, rider Jonathan reports. We first met Tammy in 2010 when she threw an amazing surprise party on the 33-Stanyan.

Last year Tammy was suddenly absent from our commute, and she emailed to tell us about a tragedy that had happened to her family: the death of Tammy’s son in a car accident. The outpouring of your kind comments was amazing. (see Tammy’s story)

Jonathan wrote us with an update:

Tammy is driving again, though she has no set route as of yet. She was behind the wheel of the 24-Divisadero this morning, with a warm smile that Muni should bottle and give to all its employees. I vote for assigning Tammy to the 24 line. But I’m sure 33 riders would beg to differ. Her support group for families of drunk-driving victims, HeavenlyBoundAngels.org, carries a hopeful message — “From Pain to Purpose” — which is just what you’d expect from someone with such a big heart.

Thanks, Jonathan, for the update on Tammy, who brings a smile to so many of her passengers!

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